6 Crazy Stories of Brides Who Were Late to Their Own Weddings

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When your wedding planner gives you a wedding timeline, most brides know that they must stick to it. But, what happens when something goes awry, and you have to run a few minutes late? It's not the end of the world — and eventually makes for a good story, once the stress calms down. These six real brides had just that happen when they couldn't make it the chapel on time. Here, they share their stories of how they were late to their own weddings.

"My wedding was postponed because my uncle had to swing by my parents' house to pick up my father's false teeth! It would have been a funny photo seeing him slip my dad his teeth seconds before he walked me down the aisle. I was mad at the time, but now we laugh about it!" — Sandy

"I am still with my husband of almost 15 years, despite my being over 90 minutes late to my own wedding! The morning of, my mother and I got into a spat over how to wear my hair. It resulted in her trying to redo it, failing miserably, and taking a long time to fix the do. This was before everyone had a cell phone and guests were starting to wonder if I had gotten cold feet. The photographer had a sense of humor: I have dozens of wedding photos featuring guests pointing at their watches and the clock in the church! My tardiness is well known amongst my family and friends!" — Cori

"I was over an hour late to our wedding. My mother's husband (NOT my father) was driving, with my mother in the passenger seat, and me in the back. We were hopelessly lost. This was before cell phones, so there was no way to get in touch with the event place. We finally came across a phone booth, and a police officer was using it. I tried to get him to let me use the phone, explaining that I was late for my own wedding, but he didn't care and made me wait 10 minutes. Despite all this, it was a great wedding and it's been an even better marriage." — Maddy

"I was married on a golf course. While everyone were arriving I waited with my MOH, mother, and MIL in a guest cabin. My mother drove us up to the site of the wedding. When I got there I became suddenly overwhelmed by how many guests there were and that as soon as I stepped out of the car they'd all be staring at me! I didn't want to get out of the car! My mother was freaking out, 'Rachel! What are you doing! Everyone is waiting. You have to go!' but I was just so nervous. Finally my dad came around to the back seat and coaxed me out. As soon as I saw Justin I felt better and couldn't wait to walk down the aisle. My mother still jokes about how, 'Rachel wouldn't get out of the car.' " — Rachel, founder of Love Stories TV

"Long story short: My wedding was delayed by nearly two hours because my bridesmaid's shoes were wet and we had to return her shoes to the store!" — Tamara

"I was married to my husband 12 years ago. Both of us had been married previously. Our wedding was at the august Bel Air Hotel in Los Angeles. On my way to walk down the aisle in the Bel Air gardens with swans afloat in the lake, I had to walk through the restaurant where Nancy Reagan was having lunch with Merv Griffin. She stopped me in my tracks by complimenting me on my floral wedding dress and Anglo-inspired high tea hat. Mrs. Reagan was so chatty as was Mr. Griffin and so complimentary I couldn't insult their attention, albeit, by this time, I was, indeed, running late to the alter. I told her I hoped to be as happy as she was with Ronnie. Her lovely words still resonate in my ears offering her good wishes. My husband and I have lived happily ever." — Arlene

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Sherry Amatenstein, LCSW is a New York City-based marriage therapist and author.

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