BRIDES' 30 Day Wedding Shape-Up Challenge: Day 8, Shoulders and Back Workouts

30 Day Wedding Workout Day 8

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This is it... The final countdown to your big day. And along with settling those last few details — figuring out where to seat your eccentric Uncle Carl, firming up the flowers, deciding on your first dance song — you're likely also making one last push to make sure the body that will be wearing that gorgeous white gown looks as good as it possibly can. You and nearly every other woman with an engagement ring on her finger. In fact, research shows that an overwhelming 91 percent of brides-to-be are anxious about their weight. But from here on out, you won't have to be!

Whether you want to drop those last few pounds or look more toned — or both — we've got a month's worth of daily tips (none of which require starving yourself or working out nonstop!) that will help you feel stunning and confident when you walk down that aisle. You know where to send the thank-you card. Let's get started!

Day 8: Focus On Your Shoulders and Back

"I do so much back and shoulder work with my brides because if you look at most wedding gowns, they expose those areas more than anything else," says Beverly Hills celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson. "And if you look at your arms from the side, more than half of what you see there is shoulder muscle."

Here are two of his favorite moves for adding sexy definition to these key areas. Slip them into your regular strength routine two or three times a week:

Push-Up with Hold
Get into a regular raised push-up position. (You can do this on your knees, too, if you need to.) Bend your elbows and lower your chest to the floor; hold for one count, then push back up. Lower down again and hold for two counts. Continue, adding one count per rep until you can't hold the lowered push-up anymore. Do two sets.

Broomstick Pull-Ups
Lay a broomstick across two chairs that are placed about two feet apart. Scooch your body under the stick so it's above your chest. Bend your knees and place feet flat on the floor (or extend legs and rest heels on the floor for more of a challenge). Grasp the stick with your hands a little more than shoulder-width apart and pull your body up until chest almost touches the bar. Lower and repeat. Do two sets of 10 to 15 reps. Note: The assisted pull-up machine at the gym is also a great alternative to this do-at-home version.

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In addition to these moves, Peterson also recommends lat pull-downs, bent over rows, and rear delt flyes for sculpting your back and shoulders. You can find how-tos and more at ACE Fitness.

Just getting started on our 30 Day Wedding Shape-Up? Kick off your journey from Day One, here.

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