Bridemares: 8 Brides Share Their Crazy Night-Before-the-Wedding Dreams


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Bridemares: Those crazy night-before-the-wedding dreams about planning gone wrong — like forgetting your dress, missing the reception, falling while dancing with your dad, and losing your passport right before the honeymoon. But if you've had any of these, you're not alone. Here, eight real brides share their crazy night-before-the-wedding dreams and how they got through their big day upon waking.

"I got married June 2009 in Denver. Seven years later, I can still remember my dream about the cake zooming off the trays and attacking everyone in sight! Then it degenerated into a high-class food fight—instead of throwing pizzas in the high school cafeteria against your best friend, it was strawberry salad getting strewn at the bride. I'm proud to say that my wedding was much calmer and happily uneventful." — Islin

"I had a variation of a common dream — you know, the one where you are late for a test. Except this time I was late for wedding. I kept running down hallways, tripping over the gown's train. Boy, was I happy when I woke up!" — Sara

"My wacky bridemare was that I showed up at the altar, in front of hundreds of people, naked! I took it to mean that I felt secure enough in the relationship to be emotionally naked in front of my one true love!" — Amy

"I dreamt that when the minister asked, 'Does anyone object to this man and women joining their hands in holy matrimony?' my groom's mother stood up and shouted, 'Don't do it, Billy!' In actuality I was a little nervous she didn't really approve of me and it felt especially lovely when a few hours before the ceremony she took me aside and said that her boy couldn't have made a better choice for a wife!" — Simi

"My dream was that my sister showed up in a wedding gown also. It was my guilt that I was getting married first even thought she's older. In reality she doesn't want to get married until she's ready to have a kid." — Tara

"This was soooo weird — I dreamt about my sixth grade crush. Naturally I hadn't thought about him in years. I confided the dream to one of my bridesmaids who interpreted that it's normal to dream about ex's the night before you're pledging your life to one man forever. Though it's a little weird that a boy whose name I don't remember was the 'ex' I dreamt about." — Ruth

"I wound up yelling so loudly in my sleep that I woke my sister, who was in the next room. Who was I yelling at — the florist for forgetting the hydrangeas." — Carol

"My boyfriend and I had been living together for four years before we got married — and typically, whenever we drove somewhere, despite having a GPS, we got lost. So in my dream the two of us were driving to the wedding together — and wound up lost somewhere in Los Angeles. This was especially awful since the wedding was taking place in Big Sur. Happily, we were both chauffeured to the wedding and made it to the church on time!" — Deena

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