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Confession time: Around these parts, we love wedding movies. Shocker, right? But you have to admit, after a busy day of planning your own nuptials, there's nothing like settling in on the couch and popping in a flick about someone else's chaotic wedding journey to relieve that pre-wedding stress. But we got to thinking... When it comes to the bridesmaids of the silver screen, who would make our own perfect wing woman IRL?

Curious, we devised a handy quiz to determine which on-screen bridesmaid would be your ideal maid of honor. Sure, she helped make her TV or movie co-star's wedding day dreams come true, but can she do the same for you?

Answer these seven questions below to determine which on-screen bridesmaid is worthy to star in your own "I do's."

Your first post-wedding-diet meal?
A. Pizza, perfect for sharing with 'maids as they help you address all those thank-you notes
B. Lunch at hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint you love
C. A decadent dessert (tiramisu, please!) split with your new hubby on the couch as you go through your wedding photos
D. Dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, fries, and tons of ketchup with a coke (non-diet!)
E. An after-the-"I do's" celebratory dinner with your spouse at the nicest restaurant in town

Your ideal bachelorette party entails...
A. Shutting down a karaoke bar with your girls
B. Female fight club. Look it up.
C. A cooking class (with tons of wine, of course) to prepare for all those newlywed dinner parties in your future
D. A slumber party in a five-star hotel room
E. A girls getaway trip to Paris

Choose a honeymoon destination:
A. L.A., for star-stalking, beach bumming, and romantic cocktails in the trendiest bars
B. Vegas. 'Nough said.
C. An intimate, floating bungalow in Fiji
D. A quaint B&B in a sleepy seaside town
E. A château in the south of France

The song you'll blast as you get ready with the girls on the big day:
A. "Wannabe" by The Spice Girls
B. "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips
C. "Mine" by Taylor Swift
D. "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry
E. "Run the World (Girls)" by Beyoncé

Your in-laws just surprised you and your fiancé with a check to expand your wedding budget. You decide to spend it on...
A. Monogrammed gifts for your bridesmaids
B. An after "I do" cruise
C. A breathtaking ceremony arch
D. An ice cream and candy bar at the reception
E. A celebrity wedding planner

If you could tie the knot anywhere, where would you choose?
A. A luxurious California-cool hotel where all your guests can stay for an epic wedding weekend
B. Anywhere as long as you can bring your dogs (They're giving you away after all!)
C. A romantic Napa Valley vineyard
D. Your hometown
E. A British destination wedding at Highclere Castle (the filming location of Downton Abbey!)

It's the week before the wedding and your caterer just canceled! Your MOH...
A. Is busy recruiting the rest of the bridal party and turning your 'maids into a bonafide assembly line to help whip up your entire wedding meal
B. Is currently hunting down that caterer. She's out for blood...
C. Is crying right along with you
D. Is reassuring you that things will work out, just like she always does
E. Has already found another caterer and is currently haggling away

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If you picked mostly A's: You're a true social butterfly and probably have a closet full of bridesmaid dresses to show for it. Now you're the one in white with your BFF's by your side. Jane Nichols (Katherine Heigl) from 27 Dresses has a girl gang just as big and is just as loyal to her gal pals. She'll be the hostess with the mostest, planning an epic bridal shower and bachelorette bash, and will be there with a smile on her face no matter what color bridesmaid dress you have her don. It's your big day, after all, and this true BFF honestly just wants to see you happy.

Bridesmaids Gif

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If you picked mostly B's: You love a good giggle with your gal pals — laughter is the best antidote for pre-wedding stress, after all. And for that, Bridesmaids' Megan Price (Melissa McCarthy) is your wing woman. She's always good for a laugh, which will help you keep your sanity through all the craziness. But she's also tough as nails when you need her to be and that will probably come in handy when your future mother-in-law won't stop giving you grief.

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If you picked mostly C's: Whether you've been twirling around in make believe wedding dresses since you were five or your bookshelf is filled with poetry, there's no denying that you're a hopeless romantic. For your MOH, Charlotte York of Sex and the City fame is as perfect a fit as Cinderella's glass slipper. She'll ensure all your fairy tale wedding wishes come true and be choking back the tears as your say your "I do's."

Jennifer Aniston Gif

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If you picked mostly D's: There's no friend like your first friend and you want the one who's always been at your side standing there on the big day. Longtime buds like Friends' Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) are all you need making up your bridal crew. When Monica tied the knot with Chandler, she knew that her original BFF would make the day all the more special. Home is where the heart is, after all.

Rose Byrne Bridesmaids Gif

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If you picked mostly E's: Helen Harris (Rose Byrne) is your go-to girl. Yes, another Bridesmaids character, we know. But don't you want just all of those cool (and crazy...) ladies in your bridal party? Helen's Type-A personality and obsession with perfection could help you handle all of those "I do" details. She'd be your right hand woman in planning a flawless big day, could effortlessly deal with everything from vendor chaos and any ahem bridezilla moments, and she'd look amazing while doing it.

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