7 Real Women Confess How They Knew They'd Found The One


When you know, you know. But what gives it away that the person you're dating is your soulmate and the person you're going to marry? Seven women confess how they knew they'd found the loves of their lives.

"How did I know he was The One? Because he made it easy. He didn't play games or make me guess. He was direct, fearless, and honest from the moment I met him. When it's effortless, you know it's right." — Treva

"The moment I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with [fiancé] was when I realized that he never stopped doing little but meaningful gestures he did when we first started dating — even 6 years in. He never stopped telling me I was beautiful when I woke up in the morning. He never stopped planning date night every Friday. He never stopped taking me to weekend vacations when he knew I was stressed from work. He never stopped showering me with kisses, hugs and 'it's going to be OK' talks when I have hard days. He never stopped the mid-day calls and texts just to say 'I love you.' All the little but meaningful gestures you think would stop after a few years into a relationship never did for me. And it gave me a nice little preview of what my life would be like if I spent it with him forever, and it looks pretty damn good!" — Jamie

"I found something wrong with every man I ever dated. He was too tall. He was too short. His wrists were too wide. Seriously, I knew that these weren't make-it-or-break-it issues, but they were indicators that each was not the right person. So, I knew that my husband was The One when I couldn't find anything wrong with him." — Marie

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"I was set up on a blind date with my husband and I'm so glad I was, because if we had met on a dating app I may never have gone out with him. He's 20 years older than me, with grown kids — and dating apps can be so limiting, because you only see people's stats and not their real energy. We met for dinner, and literally the minute I walked through the door, I knew he was The One. There was something about his smile and the look in his eyes. We connected. We sat down for dinner and talked for four hours. Even with our age gap, we realized we had all the same things in common." — Jamie

"A year after we met, we celebrated with a weekend away, and realized that we had never argued. This was so unusual that we knew something radically different was going on. Ten years later, it's still like no other relationship we have ever had." — Phil

"I knew he was The One because I felt completely safe, comfortable, and secure with him. We fit perfectly into one another's lives. I felt like I had come home, like I was a ship that had been drifting for years and had finally found a safe harbor." — Elaine

"My now-husband and I had been friends for years when we decided to date. This major step could be scary or strange for some but for us, it felt so right. As friends, we gave each other the utmost respect, support, trust, and genuinely wanted to make each other happy. All of these qualities served as foundational values in our relationship and because of this, I knew when we first started dating that this would be for the long haul." — Ashley

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