Do I Have to Call My In-Laws "Mom" and "Dad"?

calling in laws mom and dad

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Getting married is about more than just the two of you. It's the joining of two families, and that includes your in-laws! You've survived meeting them the first time and they're excited for the two of you to tie the knot, but once you're officially family, the relationship between you will change. Does that mean you have to start calling them Mom and Dad? Our experts weigh in.

Deciding what to call your in-laws depends, first and foremost, on the type of relationship you have with them. Is it a little more formal? Start with Mr. and Mrs. Their-Last-Name, and let them tell you if they'd prefer to be called John and Susan instead. Even if your fiancé insists that you can call his parents by their first names, it's better to start off formal and allow the relationship to become more relaxed instead of diving right in with first names. For a more familiar relationship, first names are totally appropriate. Whether you've known them since you were kids or just for a few years, this is what most couples are the most comfortable with.

The good thing is, once you're married, the way you refer to your in-laws doesn't have to change at all! You'll probably get to know one another better over the years, but tying the knot doesn't require that you start calling each other's parents Mom and Dad. If you'd like to call your in-laws Mom and Dad, make sure to talk it over with them beforehand to make sure everyone is comfortable with the arrangement. The same applies if your in-laws have requested that you call them Mom and Dad — you're not immediately obligated to call them that, and can instead either ask if you could use their first names or come up with another familiar, intimate way to address them. But of course, by all means, if you all agree, go ahead and call them Mom and Dad!

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