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If there's anyone who understands that it's easy to get a little overwhelmed whilst planning the wedding of your dreams, it's us at BRIDES. But sometimes, the stress of making every single detail absolutely perfect can make you go a wee bit cuckoo in the head, consequently ruining relationships in the process. So before you scream at your wedding planner about the table linens or your soon-to-be husband about not being involved enough in the decision making, take a look at these squirm-worthy bride/groomzilla horror stories — sourced from Reddit, of course — to bring you down to earth when all of the wedding planning stress becomes too much.

The total knockout:

"Friend is a photographer. Does weddings. Got punched in the face by the groom because the groom decided that the photographer was 'taking too many photos of the bride.' Weddings seem to bring out the worst in humanity." — @BANNEDFROMALAMO

And a too-funny-to-not-share response to the above story: "Was he territorial jealous 'hey that's MY WIFE keep your eyes off' or selfish jealous 'hey, it's MY WEDDING TOO why only take pictures of the girl in the multi thousand dollar dress?'"

The irrational bride:

"A bride once called having a meltdown because her friend got engaged as well and was planning to get married in the same year as she was. Apparently it was her special year and not just a day. She threw a huge fit that this girl was only getting married to 'steal her thunder.' Yes, because no one else can have a life at the same time as you. Her friend's date wasn't even in the same month or season. Hers was in October and her friend's was in June. Brides sometimes don't think rationally."

The big blowup:

"I'm booking a wedding at my store — young couple comes in and is picking stuff out. As usual the guy is pretty 'I don't care about things.' Brides are never happy about this attitude. We go through for a bit, but when it comes to picking vest styles they get into a huge argument right in front of me and my colleague. Eventually, the groom throws up his hands and says 'If we can't decide what colors then we just shouldn't get married!' And walks out the door and leaves in his car. The girl starts crying in our store while we are just bewildered. My colleague asked if she was ok. She said she was having someone come pick her up and walked out the door crying. Never saw them again. Hands down a famous story in our store."

The (almost) runaway bride:

"My friend is the wedding planner I'm telling this story about. He is a good looking, straight male that has an amazing eye for design and detail. He can do everything from wedding dress design and execution, flowers, you name it. And his services are not cheap. He had a bride who called him up a few days before her wedding and told him she couldn't go through with the wedding because she was in love with someone else. The conversation went something like this:
Bride: 'I can't marry him, I just don't love him anymore, I think I'm in love with someone else!'
Him: 'What do you mean you're in love with someone else!? Your wedding is in 5 days!'
Bride: 'Well, I'm in love with you. You just GET me! I've never met anyone else like you!'
Him: 'Do you know how much your parents are paying me to get you?!'
She ended up getting married 5 days later and it was never mentioned again."

The momzilla:

"I was a bridesmaid in a wedding last summer [and] no matter what the bride (one of my closest friends) and I settled on for various plans, I'd get condescending, cruel emails from her mother about how selfish I was and how I had to realize that the wedding wasn't all about me. (i.e. The time that I rented a car, drove out early last minute to help set up for the shower her mom was hosting, hosted it basically myself while her mom sat in the other room drinking with her aunt the whole time, cleaned up at 3 p.m. when everyone started to leave, but had to leave at 4:30 to get my car rental back in time, which I'd already cleared with the bride. Apparently, I am the epitome of selfish for this transgression.) Her mom also wore a pale silver sparkly ballgown with a tiara to the wedding. So. That was a sight."

The baby daddy:

"Wedding DJ here and it wasn't the bride, this was a groomzilla. For some reason the newlyweds decided to invite the bride's son's father. The dance floor cleared early and everyone was in the photo booth or outside smoking and drinking. Except the baby daddy and the groom. They're sitting at a table alone and appear to be having a raucous, laughing conversation. Only, oh no, their faces are getting angry looking. Groom now has his finger in the daddy's chest, 'HE CALLS ME DAD NOW! I'M HIS FATHER!' Groomsmen come running in to hold them both back. Groom flips the freaking table over. Bride is now in tears. Magical."

Check out the rest of the cringe-worthy stories here — and promise us you'll never, EVER be one of these people.

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