Kill Me Now! Real Brides Reveal What Drove Them Absolutely Crazy About Wedding Planning

Planning Tips

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Sometimes wedding planning just makes you want to pull your hair out, doesn't it? Between the constant decision-making and unsolicited comments from the peanut gallery (AKA your friends and family), it's enough to drive a bride to drink and make her go batsh*t crazy. Luckily, these ladies kept their shiz together but they can def relate! Here are the little things that got under their skin the most and drove them bananas during wedding planning.

"Ugh, I drive myself nuts because I'm so controlling. I hired a planner so I didn't have to do all the work yet I still can't seem to trust her to get things right even though she's given me no reason to doubt her! I just can't seem to let go, which is so annoying because I'm still paying her! It's my own fault really." — Olivia

The Time Commitment
"I didn't believe people when they said wedding planning was like a second job, but now I know exactly what they's so freaking time consuming with all the constant deadlines and so many details to take care of. I literally can't even! I def won't be one of those girls that's feigning to plan something else post-wedding. I've had my fix for a while!" — Drea

The Prices
"Honestly, what drove me crazy was how much everything cost! It's like once you say the word wedding, prices go up ten times what they normally would be. It's easy to see why the average wedding costs like 30k now!" — Christie

Merging Different Cultures
"For us, it was trying to find the right balance in merging two drastically different cultures into one ceremony/reception that pleased both sides of our family. What was wedding tradition for one side was either rude or foreign to the other and vice versa so that was tricky and fragile to navigate. Eventually, we made it work though." — Devora

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Everyone Else
"I'm such a laid back bride but both my mom and his mom were super concerned with details that I could have cared less about, like the freaking napkins! It got to the point where they were questioning and critiquing every little thing and it was really stressing me out so I had to tell both of them that wedding talk was officially banned. Best decision I ever made." — Gabbie

Unresponsive Vendors
"Some of our vendors have been amazing and super quick to reply and great at communicating. What's killing me though is the ones that take their sweet time getting back to us. It's annoying having to constantly follow up and get everything booked/squared away." — Emmie

The Guest List & RSVPs
"Trying to nail down our guest list was quite possibly the most annoying thing ever! Our parents both wanted to invite a bunch of their friends, while my husband was trying to invite literally anyone he had ever met. I wanted a small wedding. We eventually were able to meet in the middle and compromised. Tracking down late RSVPs and trying to get a final headcount drove me crazy too." — Jessica

All The Decisions
"I'm such an indecisive person in general so I got really overwhelmed and anxious by all the decisions you have to make when planning a wedding. I drove myself crazy not being able to make up my mind fast on anything!" — Maura

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