How He Asked: Real Brides Share the Outrageous Way Their Grooms Proposed


Proposals in general are exciting, but there are some grooms that take it to a whole new level. Here, real brides share the uniquely and outrageously amazing way their grooms proposed. When a guy is this creative, how can you say no?

"We're both movie buffs so when he decided to propose Bill wanted to make it a fantasy come true. He secured an entire movie theater and told me we were going to a screening. He had my favorite movie, "Amelie" ready to play from the projection room but as soon as the lights dimmed, on the theater screen was projected 'Will you marry me?' Everyone in the projection room cheered, I burst into tears, mouthed 'Yes,' and magically champagne appeared! Hollywood couldn't have scripted it better." — Lynn

"My husband Tanner proposed to me on May 22, 2014, which was also his 30th birthday. I was at work and my boss had asked me to go downstairs where a man in a suit was waiting and asked me to come with him. I was confused, so went back upstairs and asked my boss to come back down with me because of this strange man. Long story short he assured me he was here to take me someplace for Tanner and when I finally came outside I realized I was getting into a limo. Once I got in, Joe, my new friend and limo driver, gave me an envelope from Tanner labeled "Letter #1." To keep it short, the first letter said how excited he was to be 30 and to enjoy this big birthday with me, but he also said he wouldn't be able to talk to me for a few hours and just to enjoy myself. It also provided me with an address, which he said to give to Joe. It was to a mani/pedi place. My next letter brought me to a blow-dry bar. Letter three contained Tanner's credit card - he told me to buy something nice to wear! The next letter brought me to a place where a videographer was waiting. Joe then gave me letter #5, which had me follow a path of pink ribbons (my favorite color), videographer in tow. I went over a bridge where Tanner waited with a picnic blanket (the same one my brother-in-law used when he proposed to my sister-in-law. Tanner read me letter #6 - my proposal!" — Paloma

"My now husband and I both love skydiving, which gave him the idea to propose at 20,000 feet, just as we were about to jump out of a plane!" — Sheila

"My boyfriend's dog actually did the proposing. The doorbell rang and when I opened it Tiffany was there with a placard around her neck: 'Will You Marry Us?'" — Ann

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"I was chief photographer at a newspaper, and my editor gave me the day off (I later found out this was pre-arranged). My boyfriend and I went on a hike into the Rio Grande Canyon to where two rivers converge. He's a singer/songwriter and brought his guitar along. He began to sing a 'proposal song,' which was sweet and funny and romantic. I said yes of course! When we hiked out of the canyon, my favorite local band was waiting to serenade me. I was embarrassed and blushing but Michael, and I did a little two-stepping in the dirt parking lot before heading home and announcing our engagement to our families. We've been married 19 years." — Dorie

"I love comics and my boyfriend found a custom comic book company ( who created a special comic with me on the cover. He presented it to me. I read to the last page and there was the proposal. We're now gearing up for the wedding." — Beth

Sherry Amatenstein, LCSW is a New York City-based marriage therapist and author.

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