3 People You Must Invite to the Wedding (We're Sorry!)

people you must invite to wedding

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When it comes to your guest list, there's good news: Almost everyone who makes that exclusive list will be someone you know, love, and with whom you want to share your very special day. But that's where the bad news comes in: Because while almost every single person you offer a seat is someone you want at your wedding, there will also be a few people whom you must send an invitation, whether you know, like, or even want them there.

Ready for a little more good news? "While there is always a guest or two that we need to add out of obligation rather than a desire to do so, a guest or two is not going to make or break your wedding day," says Sarah Glick, wedding planner for Brilliant Event Planning in New York City. "The guests will be happy to be invited and you avoid any hurting any feelings by including them. In the end, it's a win-win!"

So without further adieu, here are three guests you must invite, no matter what.

1. The friends who invited you to their weddings.
You haven't seen your sorority sister since you watched her first dance from your seat at her reception. And because you haven't kept in touch, you might think you don't need to send her an invitation. But proper etiquette says otherwise. "Take your mom's advice on this one," advises Glick. "If you were invited to your friend's wedding, it's common courtesy to invite him or her to yours, even if this person wouldn't have otherwise made the guest list."

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2. Your parents' close friends.
Your mom may be BFF with your childhood next door neighbor, but you've seen her so few times you can hardly remember the woman's name. But unfortunately, when your parents are paying for your big day their closest friends — even the ones your don't really know — deserve a spot on your guest list. "When your parents are footing the bill for the wedding, you should be sure to invite at least a couple of their friends as a way of saying thank you and to ensure that they have just as much fun as you do," explains Glick.

3. Significant others of your guests.
It seems as if offering plus-ones is also a point of contention when it comes to the guest list. After all, if you're looking to trim the list — and your overall costs — plus-ones seem like the perfect place to start. But, "while every guest does not need to have a plus one," says Glick, "guests that have a significant other do in fact need to be invited, even if the couple isn't married — and even if you don't know the significant other."

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