The Reason Why This 4-Year-Old Boy Doesn't Want to Get Married Will Leave You in Stitches


Coming around to the idea of marriage is difficult for many adult men, let alone a 4-year-old kid whose greatest love at this point in time is a piece of pepperoni pizza. So the next time a friend complains about a boyfriend who won't commit, show them this viral video that's literally been everywhere on our Facebook feeds about a little boy from Massachusetts who sets the record straight on why marriage is just so super icky. It further proves that commitment problems pretty much start from birth.

The video begins when dad asks his son whether he'll be protective when he's older or not, and the cootie-phobic kid responds with a typical bro approach, go figure. "Maybe, but only for boys, NOT girls." Which I mean, is totally cool TBH because women are strong as hell, ok? We can fight our own battles, little man.

Anyways, when dad brings up the idea of marriage his little boy responds in absolute disgust. Like, really dad? Really?. "I'm not going to be married at all," he shrieks wide-eyed and incredulous. "I don't wanna be married! Are you kidding?! I would be scared!"

Now THIS is when things get really funny — and yes, his reaction is probably for the exact reason you're thinking of. As his father presses him to explain more in-depth why he would never want to get married, he replies (with a piece of pizza in his hand, no less) by saying, "Well, because I don't wanna kiss anyone. If they kiss me they sometimes do it with spit!"


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Ewww, gross. As much distaste as he has for the opposite sex we have a feeling he'll be changing his stance on the kissing — and marriage — matter by the time he reaches middle school. But for now all he really needs is a piping hot pizza and a brother who makes a hilarious YouTube vid sidekick (seriously, just watch him in the background lolz).

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