4 Grooms Confess Their Worst Wedding-Day Freak Outs

Groom Wedding Freak-Out

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Brides aren't the only ones to experience wedding-day freak outs. Sometimes they're warranted, and sometimes they're not. We'll let you be the judge. Here, four grooms revealed what got them worked up and worried on their wedding days.

The Open Bar Got Cancelled
Hunt was all-hands-on-deck when it came to helping his wife plan their destination wedding in Puerto Rico. But the language barrier presented some problems for the New York City couple, who were convinced they had set up an all-night open bar — only to find out halfway through their reception that the hotel staff switched it to cash only. "Well, I lost it a bit," Hunt recalls now, who says he let loose in via a bit of yelling in the couple's hotel room. "Turns out an open bar in Puerto Rico means that a certain amount of alcohol was set aside per guest, as in, say, half a bottle of wine and six beers were set allocated to each guest. Now, I don't know if you've been to New York City, but we drink. So, basically, we blew through their stupid allocation pretty quickly. Luckily, my dad threw down some more money to keep it open and even then, my friends had no problem paying for a few drinks at the end of the evening."

I Thought I Lost the Rings
Ray and his wife planned a Las Vegas wedding way off The Strip. As in, a half hour drive from their city center hotel. And on the day of the wedding, one of the couple's bridesmaids called Ray in a panic: They couldn't find the rings — which Ray had supposedly packed in their wedding-day, venue-bound bags — anywhere. "There was no possible way to turn around and go back to the hotel," he says. "My wife was freaking out to the point that the coordinator was feeding her shots to calm her nerves. And needless to say, was convinced I'd be a dead man." The couple used their friends' rings for their ceremony, "which wasn't the worst thing," Ray says, "but it was still a pretty brutal start as a husband, right?" When they got back to their hotel room after the reception, Ray found the rings in the night stand.

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I Almost Didn't Make It to the Ceremony
Thanks to storms ripping though Washington, D.C., Steve was caught in re-routed traffic when he should have been standing waiting for his bride. "Both of us, in separate vehicle, had trouble getting there because of road closures from the storm," he explains. "I almost jumped out of the car and ran all the way there when I saw the venue up ahead through blockades, not knowing my bride was having similar issues." When Steve finally arrived, he couldn't yet breathe a sigh of relief. He realized he'd grabbed the wrong tie, and had to call a friend to retrieve the right one. "He arrived five minutes before show time, so there was enough time to change," Steve said, "but I was a mess right up until I saw my soon-to-be-wife in her dress!"

My Wedding-Day Attire Went Missing
Gary had carefully selected a traditional tuxedo for his wedding day, complete with tails, a white shirt, cummerbund, and a paisley bow tie. But when he went to grab his attire out of his mother's closet on the wedding day, "the tie and cummerbund were not there," he says. "I started to freak out, and realized I must've left them behind in our apartment." Gary sped back to the apartment he shared with his soon-to-be bride, only to find the rest of his outfit also wasn't in his own closet. "I sat down to weigh my options, and gather my thoughts," he recalls. "They had to be somewhere, I thought. I returned to the closet and did a second pass, and there, dangling on a hanger, were the garments. Somehow I had missed them the first time in my panic. The incident added a lot of stress to an already stressful day."

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