The Great Debate: Who Spends More on the Wedding, Bridesmaids or Groomsmen?

do bridesmaids or groomsmen spend more on wedding

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Being in the wedding party is a wonderful experience — spending time with your crew, showering your almost-married friend with fun parties, and of course, wearing a fancy outfit on the big day. While it's a given that a bride and groom (and their families) will shell out thousands of dollars for their big day, many forget that bridesmaids and groomsmen spend a huge amount when it comes to the events leading up to the wedding. Being a bridesmaid comes with major responsibilities — planning events for the bride, buying gifts, wearing a dress — let alone being very expensive. But being a groomsmen actually may be more expensive than a bridesmaid (whaaaat?!).

If you're as astonished as we are, there's a study to back it up. According to a recent study by GOBankingRates, groomsmen actually spend more, on average, than bridesmaids. More, in fact, in all categories — even wedding attire, Refinery29 reports. The average bridesmaid dress is $214 (even if the bride is requesting mismatched dresses and you buy it yourself), but the average tuxedo is $245. Yes, it's just a $30 difference in this case, but across all of the areas of spending, the difference adds up.

According to this study, the gap widens even more when it comes to pre-wedding events such as bachelor and bachelorette parties. Bridesmaids spend over $430 on the festivities, while groomsmen often spend an upwards of $680 — especially if it's a destination event. And when it comes to the bride and groom's "best" guy and girl, the maid of honor usually shells out over $500 on the bachelorette — whereas the best man spends nearly $1000, at minimum (stripper costs not included).

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Now, on to the wedding guest portion: gifts. The study reports findings that most groomsmen spend over $200 on their wedding gifts, whereas bridesmaids end up being a bit stingier in the gift department. Apparently, only one-fifth of bridesmaids plan to spend as much as groomsmen.

Either way you slice it, both parties definitely spend a lot for the bride and groom. Still, we're thinking the study may have some holes in it — since it didn't account for a few other things brides have to pay for: the shower ($0 for the groomsmen — the groom doesn't often have one of those!), hair and makeup costs (hair gel cost is definitely slightly less than an updo, just sayin'), manicure and pedicure costs, and room decorations for bachelorette parties. Because really, do the groomsmen scatter penis pops around the hotel room during the party and throw streamers everywhere in prep for the bachelor party? Didn't think so.


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