7 Annoying Questions Real Brides Were Asked After They Got Engaged

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annoying questions people ask engaged brides

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It's not all civil discussions about centerpieces. Once you get engaged, you'll face a barrage of questions that bug you to your very core. Don't believe us? Then trust these seven women, who've shared the post-engagement questions that annoyed them the most.

1. Were you expecting it?
Says Beth, "This one came so many times from friends and co-workers. Here you are, wanting the regale them in the magic of your proposal story, but this question takes the wind out of the sails a bit — almost invalidating the romance of the proposal. In this day and age of cohabitation, yes, it's assumed that one day he'll propose. But I didn't know the exact moment and GPS coordinates for the love of God. Just swoon with me, darn it!"

2. When are you going to have kids?
Says Kim, "As soon as we got engaged, that was the first big question. Really? Kid-pressure gets tiresome to both the willingly-childless and even those who want to be parents eventually. We've chosen to be childless, and both felt frustrated by repeatedly having our choice treated like it's a whim, a mistake, or somehow invalidated if we choose a convention like marriage."

3. Are you going to quit your job now?
Says Cordelia, "I found this question to be so wildly inappropriate. And as an accomplished business woman, I also found it [disturbing] that some would think I would stop working simply because I was getting married. That my new husband would now fulfill all of my financial needs was something that never crossed my mind. It was shocking to hear such old-fashioned ideas come from modern women."

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4. Why are you getting married so fast?
Says Irina, who got married within weeks of the proposal, "I was constantly asked why I was getting married so quickly, and if I was pregnant. My answers were: No, I'm not pregnant. Yes, we think it's a good idea. No, we don't want to wait — we've dated long enough to know we'd like to be married. No, we will not spend all of our savings on custom-made stationery and invite guests who ask annoying questions."

5. Can I come to the wedding?
Says Amber, "We were at a sports game at our alma mater, and someone literally came across the court, sat next to me, and the first thing out of their mouth was, 'Can I come to the wedding?' Talk about putting me on the spot. We hadn't sent the invites out at that point. How awkward!"

6. Who's going to be your maid of honor?
Says Kristie, "A lot of female family members asked this question. It was annoying because I know that they are asking because they want to be chosen. It's made me so irritated that I'm no longer having a bridal party."

7. Are you going to start working out soon and lose some weight?
Says Allison, "I'm five-foot-seven and weigh 128 pounds. I wasn't worried about my weight until this woman asked. And since then, I keep asking my close friends if I look fat."

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