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The day has come, you have that scanner gun in your hand... But wait, which pots and pans do you pick? Before you head to that store (or go online) to make your registry, you and your fiancé should do some research. Sound overwhelming? Just consider how much more overwhelming it will be inside a store with hundreds of options of sheets, and 10 different sales people with 10 different opinions. So before you shop, do your homework.

Find The Right Store For You
You don't have to register at the same spots your sister did, and on this one, it's okay not to listen to your mom. Choose the right store for you based on their product selection and prices. It's easy to find the best fit: Go online and look at the store's product options. Pay attention to brand names you like and the prices. If one store fits your style better than another, shop there. If you want to mix and match create two or three registries instead of one. Whatever you do, don't go into a store without knowing if they have what you need. Sales people may intimidate you into creating a registry you don't actually like, wasting your time and your guests' money.

Compare Brands and Prices
Along with previewing the stores you'll register at, make sure you compare the same brands across different stores and their price points. You'll be surprised how different they can be. If you and your fiancé are keeping your guests' budgets in mind, you'll want to register at a store with lower prices. Also consider the store's sales and coupon availability. If you know it's a shop that offers plenty of discounts year-round, you might want to consider that for a wallet-friendly gift. If you have high end taste but also want some affordable choices, consider two registries at different stores with different price points; guests can choose where to shop based on their wallets.

Check Out Reviews
There are a few items you should look deeply into before registering: Pots and pans, knives, and bakeware. These items are the big-ticket gifts that also make a huge difference in your kitchen (whereas, a vase will really be a vase no matter what). Do your research and look into consumer reports and online reviews of different brands and models. As you research, pay attention to which product matches the type of cook you are, as well as durability, longevity, and quality of the product. Trust us, when you get to the store and see there are 36 options for stock pot, you'll be happy you checked ahead! But when you do get to the store, test these items out in your hand. You may have thought you liked that top-rated sauté pan, but the handle might feel funky or heavy to lift after all. Always have a back up!

Learn The Terminology — And What Matters To You
Picking colors and patterns is easy, but what about thread count, and enamel vs. porcelain? Before you hit the stores, do a little research into the terminology of each of your items. For sheets, know the difference between thread counts, not just by name but by feel. You and your fiancé should choose a thread count and texture before you register, which will narrow down your options in the store. Same goes for barware and dinnerware. Figure out beforehand the difference between a porcelain plate and fine China (one may be dishwasher safe, the other not so much) and decide which is more important to you. Know if you want crystal barware, or more sturdy stuff, too.

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Talk About What Works For You as a Couple
You've learned the terms, felt the differences, and now you don't know which direction to go. Before you register, talk to your fiancé about what fits best into your lifestyle. Do you need everything to be dishwasher safe? That's an important thing to consider when shopping for dinnerware, barware, pots and pans, and knives. Are you the type that entertains a lot? Consider if fragile items are really right for a crowded dining room that might be prone to accidents. Knowing the type of couple you are will help you along in finding the right items for your home.

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