How Real Couples Found Inspiration for Their Wedding Vows

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You wanted to write your own wedding vows. But now that it's time to put pen to paper, you're at a loss for the words you so desperately need. Take heart: Other couples have been where you are, and yet found inspiration in unique and unexpected places. Here, four brides and grooms share what inspired them to express their love for their spouses.

I Found Inspiration In: A Favorite Book
When it came time to write her wedding vows, Karina says, she turned to a favorite tome: The Secret, which she'd read long before she met her husband. "It's all about having a vision of what you desire and creating a vision board," she describes. "And after reading it, I had created one and wrote myself a note of what I wanted in a man. When I met my now husband a few years after writing this note, he was everything I had written. It was very shocking, obviously, but when it came to writing my vows, I used that note I wrote to myself as inspiration. I pretty much just tweaked it a little."

I Found Inspiration In: Unfortunate Circumstances
Married man Geo was stuck in traffic during a last-minute shopping run for honeymoon necessities the day before his wedding. Adding insult to the traffic injury, it was also raining, Geo recalls. "But those circumstances provided some great inspiration," he says. "The traffic made me think what it would be like to be stuck or find myself in a difficult situation, and the rain represented poor weather. So in my vows, I spoke about how I would cover my wife in the toughest of times and serve as her umbrella."

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I Found Inspiration In: A TV Show Couple
Tracy admits she and her husband are huge Friday Night Lights fans, but not just for the football. "My husband and I love the marriage between Eric and Tami Taylor, because it is such an honest portrayal of what a good marriage should be like," Tracy says. "In one episode, Eric tells Tami that she needs to remember that as long as they stick together, everything always works out." Starting with that line from their favorite show, the couple strung their vows with other modern sentiments.

I Found Inspiration In: My Mother's Wedding Vows
Cassie found herself planning her own wedding just two years after her mother remarried. "I got to be her maid of honor, which was such a special experience," she says. But that meant Cassie also had a front-seat to hear her mother's handwritten vows. "My mom said the most beautiful things about what it truly takes to make a marriage work," Cassie recalls. "And because she was divorced, I figured she was in an excellent position to know what promises really matter. When I wrote my own vows, I tried to make similar promises to my husband."

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