How to (Safely!) Get It On Outdoors During Your Honeymoon

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how to safely get it on outdoors during honeymoon

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Sex outdoors can be a little (or a lot) risky. But despite the risk-factor, you may be considering getting down and dirty in the great outdoors on your honeymoon.

"Honeymoon sex is often about being adventurous and hedonistic, because it's finally official: You're with the one you love, it's legal, and it's forever," says Gloria Brame, Ph.D., sexologist and author of The Truth About Sex: A Sex Primer For The 21st Century. "And those feelings of trust and security between partners is a better disinhibitor than alcohol, because it goes right down to the core of your emotional being."

Not only that, but your honeymoon destination could offer up a veritable smorgasbord of sexy spots — from beaches to mountains and other natural wonders — where you could be intimate with your new spouse. "With your hormones on high and your trust issues at ease," says Brame, "getting naked and primal while feeling sweet breezes on your naked body can be truly ecstatic."

But before you get buck naked in the great outdoors, there are a few keep-you-safe and sexy rules you should follow.

Select the perfect spot.
"Romping honeymooners who accidentally roll into cacti, get stung by big insects, or get sand up their precious pink parts are pretty common," says Brame. So it's smart to look before you, err, strip. "The rule of thumb is that before you let your enthusiasm get the better of you, select the perfect spot — a place free of woodland debris, dangerous plants, and spiders and scorpions too," Brame says. Also bring a blanket, bug spray, and sunscreen if you can, depending on your chosen location's unique potential problems.

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Use common sense.
Getting it on outdoors may be fun, but it's also illegal. By using common sense, you can avoid some serious sex blunders. "Don't do it drunk — the No. 1 cause of sex accidents — and don't have sex at the edge of a cliff, in a tidal basin where you could drown, and please do not pick a spot where children could come strolling by," says Brame. "Find a spot as far away as possible from other people, and especially from families, who are likely to complain to authorities if they think little Johnny or Jenny will see you."

Consider braving the beach.
Describes Brame, "A beach with waves that lap the shore is probably the most beautiful spot because you get the full experience of nature — earth, sky, and water. It will connect you both to your primal nature, lull you with the sounds of waves, and give you a dash of cosmic splendor on a starry or moon-lit night. It's probably the most romantic option of all." But despite its appeal, she says, it's best to put a buffer between your buns and the sand. "I still recommend the blanket to prevent sand rashes," she says.

You can do it in the city, too.
An urban setting doesn't mean you can't still have outdoor sex. "A rooftop — as long as you know it's safe, with safe access and no one to chase you off — is a destination for romantic adventurers," says Brame. "You can play it even safer if you have access to a terrace or other semi-outdoor area where you can see others but they can't see you." But when it comes to big cities, avoid public spots. "There are risks of kids seeing you or police writing you a summons for indecency," Brame says.

Make sure you both want to make love outside.
You should only get it on outdoors if both of you want to, Brame says. "If both of you are into it, you won't have any problems — you'll find that perfect spot and be able to jump all over each other with joy," she says. "But if one of you is terrified of being caught or frightened of the bugs, I recommend staying inside, throwing that blanket on the floor, pretending you're in a jungle and letting your animal nature come out indoors."

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