How to Decide on a Honeymoon Destination That'll Have Both of You Saying 'I Do'

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How to Choose a Honeymoon Destination

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Whenever the process of planning your wedding feels like a nightmare from which you will never wake up, you can always fantasize about the honeymoon — the wonderful dream from which you will not want to wake up.

Of course, like a wedding, a honeymoon has to be planned. But, unlike a wedding, you will have a partner who is not only willing to help, but eager. Yes, we're talking about your soon-to-be husband.

The wedding was mainly your show — there were plenty of aspects that we didn't really care about, or that you had to coax us into commenting on. The honeymoon, however, is something that will receive our full attention.

We dream about vacations the way you dream about receptions. We want adventure! We want romance! We want exotic locations in which to engage in enormous amounts of honeymoon sex!

But what if he wants to go one place, and you have your heart set on another?

Think of it this way: When you are planning the wedding, you have to make compromises, right? You have to defer, at least a little, to your family, your friends, to your fiancé's mom, etc. The wedding is a public event, involving lots of people, and, much as you may want to, you can't just order everyone around.

The honeymoon is similar. Except it's not a public event, it's a private event between you and your husband — the first joint enterprise that you will undertake together as a married couple. You're mother has no say in it, your friends' opinions are irrelevant. The honeymoon is all on the two of you.

Which is why planning the honeymoon will require some compromises — from both you and your man.

If you want fine dining in Paris and he wants paragliding in Hawaii, you may have to find a place that can give you a little of both. The good news is that you have more options than ever.

Don't get fixated on particular cities or countries. Instead, make a list of the type of experiences you're looking for, in order of importance.

Do you want to be on a beach somewhere? Or do you want to shop and visit landmarks?
Do you want to go to clubs every night? Or go to bed early and get up with the sun?
Do you want to stay in an ultra-sleek modern hotel? Or an old fashioned bed and breakfast with gingham wallpaper?

Once you've come up with your list, compare it to your fiancé's. See which entries you have in common, and start there. Factor in your budget (or take this opportunity to actually create a budget). Then figure out where you can go to get the experiences you want.

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There are even online sites that will help with this process. Two that we like, and have written about on The Plunge, are Honeymoonist and Peek.

Above all, try to remember that the success of your honeymoon is not measured by how much you spend, how far you travel, or how awesome the view is outside your bedroom window. Your honeymoon is a success if you enjoy it. So relax, find a place you can both agree on, and get your honeymoon groove on.

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