4 Items Every Newlywed Couple Needs in Their Bedside Drawer

items newlywed couples need in bedside drawer

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A well-stocked bedside drawer isn't just for single people or kinky couples: With the right tools within arms reach, even newlyweds at the height of their sexual coupledom can enhance and invigorate their sex lives.

"Some toys and products add sensations that the human body doesn't evoke during even creative sex," explains Carol Queen, Ph.D., sexologist and author of The Sex & Pleasure Book: Good Vibrations Guide to Great Sex for Everyone. But you don't need a bedside drawer brimming with sex toys. In fact, our experts says, there are just four things you need to get stocked, stat.

1. Water-based (or silicone) lubricant.
As Queen says, "It's a myth that if a woman desires sex, she'll be naturally lubricated."
Some women produce sufficient vaginal lubrication for sex, while others simply do not. "Lubrication varies by time of the month and use of hormonal birth control — even because of decongestants," she points out. So stocking lubricant in your bedside drawer can help your body reflect how you feel, and make the experience more comfortable for both partners. "Lubricant helps make sex feel better, and it's the magic ingredient that makes condoms work very well," King says. "It's a must-have, even if you don't need or use it all the time."

2. Condoms.
Now that you're married, you may have chucked your back-up birth control methods. But Queen cautions that you should still stock your drawer with this particular pregnancy and STI-preventing measure, "unless you are both 100 percent certain they aren't needed," she says. "Not only are condoms plus lubricant a highly effective birth control combo, they are important to avoid STIs and they're handy for keeping things clean during other play and toy use."

3. Massage oil or some other sensuality-related product.
Says Queen, "Sex means a lot of things, but generally we understand it to be a pretty genitally-focused experience. But to get optimally relaxed and turned on, whole-body contact is a plus for most everyone and an absolute must for some." To get in the mood, it's handy to keep massage oil or a similar stimulant nearby for a more relaxing form of foreplay. "Sensual touch helps couples slow down, tune in to each others' bodies and vibe, and lavish attention on each other," Queen says.

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4. A vibrator.
If you only keep one toy in your bedside drawer, this should be it. "There are nerve endings whose job it is to recognize vibration," Queen explains. "It's a sensation that many people love, and vibration can support and enhance orgasm even among people who aren't easily orgasmic in other ways." With hundreds of battery-operated vibrators to choose from, Queen recommends selecting a model "that is slender enough to fit between two bodies lets you use it clitorally during intercourse, and that can maximize the chances that you will climax during the deed."

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