This Woman Threw Her $400,000 Wedding Ring Out in the Trash

woman throws wedding ring out in trash

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If this Missouri woman isn't Irish, then she is just about the luckiest bride in the history of the world. After realizing her pear-shaped engagement ring — all 12 carats of it — was missing, Carla Squitieri was beside herself.

The backstory: Squitieri had been cleaning and decided to put her rings on the sink. Shortly after, the doorbell rang, and she forgot to come back once she had answered it to put them on. Later that evening, her husband, Bernie Squitieri, decided to clean up the counter and must have thrown them right in the trash with the napkin he was using. And then, the trash man came.

Once Squitieri realized that her ring was missing several hours later, she checked with her husband, who replied pretty much her worst nightmare, "the trash man's gone already." She was beside herself — sharing with CNN that she had planned on giving her wedding rings to her only daughter as a keepsake in the future (sidenote: if a ring that big was all of a sudden not on your finger, wouldn't you feel the weight of it missing? Just thinking out loud here).

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With their fingers and toes crossed and loads of regretful tears, the couple called their trash company, Meridian Waste Solutions, and somehow managed to convince them to detour the garbage truck to a landfill so they could look for the ring. Joe Evans, the operations manager of Meridian Waste, was kind enough to meet them there to assist with the search.

Suited up in white jumpsuits and helmets, the couple began their lost ring search with Evans. "It was like looking for a 12-carat-diamond needle in an 8-ton-pile-of-garbage haystack," Squitieri said. But, in a miracle of all miracles — after sifting through garbage for only a half hour — Evans found the ring in the heaps of trash. All 12 carats of it!

They better play the lottery right now, because if that's not luck, we're not sure what is (although with a $400,000 wedding ring, we're not sure they'll need to). We're guessing she'll never off her ring again!


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