5 Ways to Get Your Fiancé Excited to Register

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get your fiancĂ©é excited to register

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Let's face it, while you've been dreaming of that beautiful dining set, your husband-to-be has been dreaming of playing another game on his X-Box. Don't worry if he's not as excited to register as you are, there are ways to get him more amped up for the fun. Here's how:

Step 1: Give Him a Preview Early
A lot of times, your fiancé might not even get the point of registering. Those beer glasses from college are just fine, he might think. While he might not be wrong, you may be looking forward to upgrading your shared home with brand new items with a more grown-up feel. Take time to sit with your fiancé and look online. Show him exactly what you're looking to register for (dishes, bath towels, sheets), and talk about what you're okay skipping (maybe those wine glasses really are okay to keep off the list after all). If he can wrap his head around what you're looking for early on it will help.

Step 2: Everybody Loves an Upgrade
One of his concerns might be overcrowding your kitchen or apartment. While it might not sound so fun, a clean-out day may be just the ticket for inspiring him to go shopping. Choose a day where you two can really take inventory of your place. Pull out items you're looking to replace, and put them in a donation pile now, instead of waiting till you get the replacement. He'll feel relieved of clutter — and like there's more room for your gifts.

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Step 3: Make Sure He's Involved
Don't get stuck registering with the pattern of dishes you had stuck in your mind. Ignoring your fiancé's opinion is the surest way to make him dread a registry experience. Have fun at the store and set up tables with mix and match dishware. Let him pull a few options too. Then stand together and see what you like best.

Step 4: Give Him The Gun
We know, this sounds silly and cliché, but if all else fails, let your fiancé take control of the scanner. While you're busy running around pulling bath towel options that all feel the same to him, he can have fun scanning your top picks. He'll feel involved, and have a toy to play with!

Step 5: Let Him Choose a Few Big Items
Remember, this registry isn't just for you. If your fiancé stays away from the kitchen, he's never going to get excited over a new pot or that stand mixer. But who said registries had to be all about homemaking? With stores like Target and Amazon offering registry services, there's no limit of what you can add to your list — that includes that new printer he's wanted, a TV stand, or that bar cart he's had his eye on for a while. Let your fiancé choose as many items as he's excited about as you do. (Just remember, a registry is a wish list and he might not get everything he asks for). With his choices on there, he'll be as excited about opening the gifts as you are.

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