10 Outside of the Box Valentine's Day Date Ideas

valentine's day date ideas

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If you're tired of dinner and a movie or going to that same restaurant year-after-year, it's time to mix up your sweetheart game. This year, try something new with your love that will beat all past Valentine's Day dates. With exciting day trips, activities you both can enjoy, and seriously upping your food game, these dates are the perfect way to celebrate your undying love.

Take a Cooking Class
Get out of your kitchen and into a professional's. Instead of cooking a romantic homemade dinner, sign up for a cooking class—trust us, there are plenty on offer come Valentine's Day—where you can learn a new skill and cook a delicious meal together. Pick your poison, from pasta making classes that allow you to reenact that scene from Lady and the Tramp, or chocolate-making classes that will satisfy your sweet tooth for days to come. Whatever you choose, take the recipes home with you and turn your dishes into a Valentine's Day tradition.

Book a Couples Massage
Hit the spa for a day of pampering that you both deserve. After all, between work, friends, and your busy wedding planning schedule, you guys are due for some R&R. Find a spa that includes champagne with their couples' massage and you've got the perfect day date. And don't rush back home once the massages are over—take the day to enjoy everything the spa offers, from the steam sauna to the relaxation hot tubs.

Go Wine Tasting
What goes better with love than a delicious glass of wine? Find a spot nearby—be it local vineyards or a cute wine and cheese shop—where you and your honey can spend the day sipping your way through a wine flight. Call ahead to see if they have food pairings to go with your vino. If you prefer beer, look up local breweries that offer tours and tastings. You can make a day of working your way through a flight of local brews together.

Get Outside

Take a day trip somewhere that allows you and your Valentine to escape into the great outdoors. If you're lucky enough to live in warm weather come February, hit a hiking trail you've been meaning to try. In a snow-covered spot? Strap on a pair of skis and hit the slopes. Even if you've never skied before, learning to do it together will be surprisingly romantic—and a day on the trails is the perfect excuse for a romantic aprés ski hot chocolate cuddled up by the fireplace.

Plan a Foodie Crawl

If you and your sweetheart love nothing more than diving into a good plate of food, design a food crawl that delights your taste buds. Plan ahead for this one so that you don't get too full at stop one: Pick three or four restaurants within walking distance from each other, and pre-plan what you'll order from each. Your first stop should cover appetizers, your second place is dinner, and your third is dessert. Make sure you pair each course with a specialty cocktail. This walking tour will seriously outdo any romantic dinner you've done before.

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Design a Scavenger Hunt
What's more romantic than a walk down memory lane that gets you out and about in your city. Instead of signing up for a scavenger hunt of all the tourist hot spots, build your own romantic scavenger hunt that takes you on a walk down memory lane. Each hint should lead our Valentine to a special spot from your love story. End the hunt by leading them to a final spot—that new dinner place you've been dying to try or a romantic date spot you both love.

Have an Indoor Picnic
The weather may be cold outside, so you have an excuse to cuddle up together and stay indoors. Instead of calling in for take out, go to the store and buy all the makings of a delicious picnic. Spread a blanket on your living room floor and pretend you're outside enjoying the warm summer weather with wine and cheese, tasty sandwiches, and homemade cookies. If you want to take it up a notch, continue the outdoors-in theme and "campout" in your living room for a night.

Recreate a Memorable Date
Close your eyes and picture the best date your fiancé has ever taken you on. Got it? Now go and recreate it. Whether it's a romantic restaurant, a weekend get away he swept you away on, or a movie (#NetflixandChill!), how could he not swoon when you recreate the day for him. Going forward, make it a Valentine's tradition and switch off who gets to recreate a favorite date every year.

Solve a Mystery

What's more exciting than working together to puzzle something out? If you guys love a thrill, head to a mystery dinner where actors perform and leave clues for you and your Valentine to solve a murder. Want something even more intimate? See if there's an Escape Room in your town, where you and your Valentine are locked in a room and given half an hour to puzzle your way out of there.

Make it a Challenge
There are a million ways to get your competitive juices flowing while keeping the romance alive. Try a game night with another couple where you can go head-to-head with each other playing your favorite games. Or, keep it to just the two of you and race to the finish line—try go-karts or indoor rock climbing. Just remember, the key to a happy Valentine's Day is being a good sport.

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