For Better or Worse: 9 Things You Learn About People When Planning a Wedding

Things You Learn About People When Planning a Wedding

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Wedding planning is definitely an eye opening experience. Not only do you learn a lot about yourself, but you also learn a lot about those around you (just ask any married woman). From friends to family to mere strangers, here's what brides-to-be have to look forward to in terms of getting to know the human race. Best of luck, ladies!

1. That everyone's an expert, literally.
Okay, mainly just the girls who've been married before. But be warned that they aren't afraid to tell you the good, bad and the ugly when it comes to wedding planning and some can get super bossy about the whole thing. It's like chill, you've done this once and all of a sudden you know it all? We think not.

2. That your BFFs are seriously the best.
If there's one thing that will reaffirm how amazing your best friends truly are, it's wedding planning (well, that and having a baby!). The giddiness and genuine excitement they share for such a major milestone in your life will no doubt give you the warm and fuzzies inside. Aww!

3. That some friends are so unreliable/flaky.
You thought the two of you were pretty tight until you started planning a wedding, that is. So far, she's flaked out on going dress shopping, and you still haven't heard back from her on whether or not she can make it to the bridal shower. At this point, you know not to expect a timely RSVP either, and that hurts.

4. That everyone will have an opinion.
Yep, whether you like it or not! Your mom will have something to say about your non-traditional ceremony, whereas your mother-in-law will be appalled at your surprisingly low guest count, mostly because she was hoping to invite all her girl friends too. Your sister-in-law will probably pout about her bridesmaid dress and your recently married cousin will insist that you hire a DJ over a live band since that's what she had at hers.

5. That money talks...or really it just gets people talking.
Be it big or small, you can bet that friends and relatives are secretly (or in some cases, not so secretly!) judging you based on how much you spend on the big day, particularly if it's your parents that are footing the bill. As Taylor Swift says though, "Haters gonna hate" and you just gotta, "Shake it off!"

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6. That despite everything, your family loves you and only wants the best for you.
Now, this may manifest itself in many different ways (some sweet, others downright nasty), but ultimately your family really does want the best for you. They sincerely want to be involved, and they want you to want them to be involved, even if they don't always know how to properly express that. So find their strengths and put them to work, brides!

7. That legit everyone loves weddings.
People will literally come out of the woodwork just to snag an invite and not be left out of a party all their friends are on the guest list for. Oh, and if they're single they'll be dying to bring a plus one; you can count on it. Honestly, who can blame them though?

8. That semi-strangers can be insanely generous.
Remember your dad's co-worker you never met and were totes annoyed about having to invite in the first place? Yeah, well, turns out he gives the best wedding gifts in the form of lots of cash! Who knew strangers could be so incredibly generous?

9. That people are really particular about what they wear.
Just wait for it if you haven't been bridesmaid dress shopping yet. Everyone has their own sense of style and will eventually wear what you want them to wear, but be prepared for a bit of push back.

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