Real Brides Share the Unique Ways Their Fiancés Proposed

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Naturally a proposal is always memorable. However, some proposals are much more thoughtful and creative than others. Real brides share the unique ways their fiancés proposed — and made the day extremely special and one-of-a-kind.

"My husband proposed on a Scrabble board. It's a game we've always loved. He glued the letters on, spelling 'AMANDA WILL YOU MARRY ME,' and then asked if I wanted to play the game after dinner. He had me set up the game, and of course when I opened the board, I saw the letters spelling out the proposal! I framed the board and have it hanging in our home." — Amanda

"My fiancé is a software engineer in the Silicon Valley. To propose, he learned a new programming language (iOS) and built a husband app (from scratch!) that he called "House Boy." The app had screens to select food choice, wine choice, whether I wanted laundry folded, etc. It also had screens for his top three memories in our relationship thus far — and three hopes for our future. The next screen asked, 'Will You Marry Me?' and had music to accompany it — which was the trigger for him to get down on one knee and propose. For my birthday, he is revising the app to be a husband app, so I can use during my long commutes home from work." — Gaelen

"My fiancé Marlon proposed to me LIVE on the TODAY Show. I was shocked and had actually fought with him about going to the studio that day — even though my dream was always to be a producer on the show." — Ashley

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"A road trip from Florida to Indiana more than 26 years ago with my then-boyfriend changed my life. I didn't know how to ski, so when he asked me to go skiing in another state and then tried to convince me to get on an extremely high ski lift, I truly thought he had lost his mind and didn't know me at all. I was terrified, but for some reason, I relented and said a very serious prayer inside my head as we made our way to the lift. Having never been on skis before, it took a few human pile-ups before I actually figured out how to be 'captured' by the lift seat as it went by. While on the chairlift, I made peace with my life and peered down below with the queasy realization that I was going to be dumped at the top of the hill — and that would likely be one of my last visions (besides legs and arms flailing all the way down the mountain). I turned to him with fear in my eyes, and before I could say a word, he had pulled out a jewelry box with an engagement ring, and offered me the sweetest declaration of love and forever friendship I could have ever imagined. He put the ring on my finger, and we kissed. I didn't have to go down the hill, but at that point, I felt a burst of confidence, and I held tight to his hand and together we jumped at the designated time. There was another human pile-up, then, down we went! I fell at least 400 times all the way down the hill...but with a ring on my finger!" — Sherry

"My husband and I have been married for 10 years. Back when we were dating, whenever he asked me what I wanted (whether it be dinner or a special occasion gift), I'd jokingly reply, 'A pony!' So when it came time for his proposal, he did it by revealing a My Little Pony dance followed by a ring. It was so sweet, offbeat, and personal. How could I say no?" — Petrina

"My beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Ruby, is never not by my side. My boyfriend proposed by bringing her downstairs to dinner with the ring on her collar." — Ruisi

"In 1984, my then-boyfriend of eight months proposed in the church parking lot while sitting in the front seat of his car, after an evening church service. Now you might say that isn't so unique, but he proposed by listing all my faults, and there seemed to be many! Mentioning things like, 'you're stubborn, you can be opinionated, you have a temper,' etc., and then after what felt like a list of 30 faults (I'm sure he mentioned the same ones numerous times...), he said, 'but I love you, so will you marry me?' I figured if he knew all my faults and wanted to marry me anyway, I'd better keep this one, so I said, "yes!" We were married six months later." — Pearl

Sherry Amatenstein is a New York City-based marriage therapist and author.

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