11 Types of Difficult Wedding Guests and How to Deal With Them

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From the one-upper to the picky eater, we literally can't even with these hard to please people! If you're one of the lucky brides however, someone, be it your planner, mom or maid of honor, will step in and handle those difficult guests that ain't nobody (particularly you) got time for on your big day.

1. The Photographer
You know the type, says Charleston-based wedding planner Francesca DiSalvo-Follmer of Pure Luxe Bride. "This is the guest that constantly has her iPhone out and is often in the way of the professional photographer in a desperate attempt to get the perfect shot." Let guests know ahead of time that you'll either be implementing a no pictures policy or that you've hired a professional photographer to capture the day and will have all of the images available for them to see and download afterward. Then politely ask them to please move out of the way!

2. The Constant Complainer
According to Greg Jenkins, founder of Bravo Productions, this is the person who thinks the chicken is too dry, the beef too tough, the veggies overcooked, the room too cool or too warm, the music too loud, etc., etc., etc. "The Constant Complainer will literally never be satisfied and the only approach that works to accommodate them is to just simply listen." Ugh, annoying!

3. The Jock
Except in this case, his sport is drinking! He's probably a good friend of the groom's from college and even more likely to be not so popular with the bride and her girls, notes Nicole Matthews, founder of The Henley Company. "By the end of the evening, he's wearing his tie around his head and his shirt is wide open, if on at all." This fella gets the wedding planner's attention because he's visiting the bar like it's his charity. "Little does he know, the bartender and the planner have a secret language and head nod so every time the jock heads to the bar, the line gets a little longer, the bartender pours a little slower and the drink limit decreases to one per person."

4. The One-Upper
This is the cousin or friend who recently got married so now all of a sudden she's an expert on all things wedding, tells Tracie Domino, Founder and Creative Director of Tracie Domino Events. "She has absolutely no regard for the bride or groom's wishes but will start any and every conversation with, 'At my wedding...'". Please, just stop now girl.

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5. The, "I do what I want" Guest
Note to self: don't be this person! Sarah Chancey, founder and creative mentor behind Chancey Charm Weddings always notices wedding guests who completely ignore signs, directions and any type of instruction. "As a planning team, we try to anticipate this and assign assistants to direct guests verbally and keep tabs on all event spaces at all times," she explains.

6. The Anxious Mother of the Bride
Basically, she's the opposite of chill! DiSalvo-Follmer says the best way to deal is to simply have your coordinator keep her updated throughout the evening, giving her the heads up before any major events like the cake cutting or the first dance occur so that she feels included.

7. The Forever a Bridesmaid
Whether she's an actual bridesmaid or not is irrelevant. This girl, particularly when tipsy, is 100% sure she'll never get married and isn't afraid to tell the world (or everyone at the wedding) her sob story and boy troubles. Invitation designer Danielle Behar recommends just telling her, "It's not you, it's them!" and that surely she'll find her prince charming someday. Heck, maybe even at the wedding!

8. The Self-Appointed Wedding Planner
While this person probably means well, they can be a real pain in the you know what, especially if there's a paid wedding planner running the wedding, tells Florida Keys wedding planner Lynn D'Ascanio of Dasignerevents.com. "They start directing guests, questioning the timeline, rearranging the decor. My solution for this is an enthusiastic, "Thank you so much for your help, but you're here to be a guest not a worker! Please relax and have fun. I've got this!'"

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9. The Jealous Relative
This brother, sister or cousin is clearly stressed and bitter over something you'll never know, notes D'Ascanio. "They have a constant frown on their face and don't attempt to hide their distain. As a wedding planner, I'm often informed ahead of time because the bride and groom know to expect the bad behavior." Usually, the problem is all the attention the couple is receiving. Her solution? "I make attempts to smile and chat with these individuals asking them if they're comfortable, need anything or have a song they'd like the DJ to play. Just simple thoughtful gestures that only take seconds but make them feel important."

10. The Wedding Crasher(s)
Destination wedding brides, watch out! If your big day is in a public place, planner Michelle Fage of Paradise Planning warns couples to beware of wedding crashers that simply have to see what is going on. For her, that public place is typically a beach, and yep, that means a whole lot of "guests" half dressed in swimwear unaware that they're totally photo bombing the pictures. Eek! A good planner should be able to get them to stand back though.

11. The Picky Eater
Last but not least is the picky eater, or the person that doesn't tell you about their food allergies in advance. Chancey Charm Boston and Cape Cod wedding planner Jyl Deering cautions that these guests are often hard to please, particularly when they demand a custom meal out of the blue. What's up with that? If this is you, she advises giving the bride a big heads up regarding any special dietary needs so everyone can plan accordingly.

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