The Top 5 Things to Avoid for Good Wedding Skin

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Oh the temptation! Try as you might, eating right is never easy. But if you want wedding skin that's so fresh and so clean on your big day (and what bride doesn't?), you've got to get with the program stat and start cleaning up your diet now by cutting back on these 5 things.

1. Dairy
You'll definitely want to ditch all the dairy if you suffer from bad breakouts. Why? Because milk is loaded with growth hormones that remain active even after the pasteurization process, notes Tara Roscioli, founder of Highway 2 Well and Meals 2 Glo. "Growth hormones make their way into the blood stream increasing inflammation and oil production." To avoid looking like a prepubescent teen on your wedding day, she suggests sticking to organic milk, which contains only naturally occurring hormones, although even these may cause some blemishes. "Greek yogurt is also a great alternative, as it's loaded with probiotics for good gut health."

2. Sugar
Sorry brides, you knew this one was coming. According to Annie Lawless, co-founder of Suja Juice and creator of lifestyle blog BLAWNDE, consuming sugar (yep, we're looking right at you candy!) is one of the absolute worst things you can do for your skin. "It degrades collagen and elastin, which keeps skin young and supple, allowing wrinkles to develop prematurely. Sugar also causes a spike in hormone levels, including insulin, instigating sebum production." For a healthier option, Roscioli recommends skipping the Swedish fish (tear) and snacking on a small handful of frozen raisins or dried cranberries. "Better yet, raise a glass of water, as sugar cravings are often the result of dehydration so make sure you drink up!"

3. Anything White
Think white breads, pastas, rice and pastries. As Roscioli points out, these high glycemic foods rapidly convert to sugar in your system, wreaking havoc on your skin, as noted above. Unfortunately, most wheat breads aren't much better. "Instead, stick to complex grains like brown rice and quinoa, a quinoa pasta or even Ezekiel products like English muffins or bread."

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4. Fried Foods
So good, but oh so bad for skin! Don't eat them, warns Roscioli. "There are healthy fats and then there are the fats used to fry the shrimp at your local watering hole. These fats are saturated and raise your insulin, causing skin to become puffy, inflamed and damaged." Order your shrimp, chicken and everything else for that matter, grilled for a scrumptious option that's significantly lower in fat.

5. Booze
If there's one thing college should have taught you, it's that alcohol is severely dehydrating, leaving skin looking, parched, flaky and dull, says Lawless. "It can also aggravate rosacea and redness." While it's fine to have a drink or two in moderation, she urges brides to sip on plenty of water in between and stop before you hit the blackout zone, obviously.

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