8 Couples Reveal How Their Spouses Still Turn Them On After Years of Marriage

couples still turned on after years

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Your sex drive and attraction to your spouse doesn't have to wane over time. Even after years of marriage, these couples still turn each other on constantly. They're here to share how, with healthy sex-life secrets you can steal for yourself.

"My hubby still turns my light on after all these years simply by flirting with me — holding my hand and just plain being goofy. He gets me to laugh, we end up being silly together and, you know, one thing leads to another." — Michelle

"My husband still turns me on with his ability to know me intuitively and react based upon that information. If I'm overwhelmed, he folds the laundry for me. If I'm sad, he tries to make me smile. If I'm exhausted, he takes care of the kids while I hit the sheets an hour before him. When these little things happen throughout the day or throughout the week, it's a natural transition to sexy time in the bedroom. And when I feel like he 'really knows me,' I will return the favor!" — Sue

"My wife can just give me a look or crack her corny, witty jokes and it reminds me of how we connected so many years ago." — Rufus

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"My husband is so sexy when he cooks. He was a chef in the U.S. Marine Corps, and it's just the way he moves in the kitchen — handling the ingredients, cutting the
vegetables, sprinkling the spices — that lights my fire!" — Jenny

"My wife is still up to try new things, and that willingness to add novelty to our sex life is super sexy. All she has to do is whisper, 'do you want to try something new tonight,' and my heart immediately begins to race and my mind starts working up what we can try out." — Mark

"Kissing my neck! My neck is super-sensitive, so the only thing my husband has to do to get me in the mood is kiss up and down my neck. He's been doing this for years to initiate sex, and it works every time." — Julie

"What my husband does to turn me on isn't physical at all. When I spot him doing the dishes, paying the bills, vacuuming the floors, or offering to go to the grocery store, it's all I can do to keep my hands off of him. As Sheryl Sandberg says, choreplay is real! I think the combination of feeling relieved I have one less thing to do and feeling like I really have a partner is what is so effective in turning me on after all this time." — Stacey

"Dancing. To turn me on, my husband puts on a slow song and crooks his finger, pulls me into his arms, and spins around with me. Being so close to him and laughing together puts us both in the mood." — Elle

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