How to Boost Your Energy Before the Wedding

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pre-wedding energy boosting tricks

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Feeling tired? Now is no time to poop out! When wedding planning or relationship nerves are keeping you up at night (or maybe you just find yourself working late into the night to keep up?), try these smart ways to reduce tension and give yourself more energy, fast.

Spend some extra time outside.
Being outdoors makes people feel more vigorous and alive. Even just imagining yourself out in nature has an energizing effect, studies show.

Hang with someone little and cute.
Whether you have an animal at home, or have to go to a local dog park or pet shop to ogle kittens, furry little animals are a little bit magic. A study out of the State University of New York at Buffalo found that being with an animal slashed tension more than being with a friend; and another discovered that owning a pet reduced stress-related blood pressure better than medication. Being with cute kids can work, too. Some recent research out of Kansas State found that the more time parents spend hanging out with their kids doing normal daily activities like playing, the less stressed and more energized they report feeling.

Laugh a little (or a lot).
Researchers at Loma Linda University have found that indulging in funny videos or TV shows slashes stress and wakes people up. After watching a funny movie, people in the study felt 87 percent less fatigue and 61 percent less stressed.

Get yourself a reusable straw cup, and drink up.
No, not coffee or Red Bull! Just 100 percent plain water. Being even a little dehydrated makes you feel less alert and able to concentrate, studies have shown. The best way to know if you're drinking enough water is to check your pee in the bowl: it should be clear, pale yellow.

Accept good enough.
All that energy you're pouring into making exactly the right favor choices or getting the very best band possible is, well, wasted. A large body of research has shown that "maximizers"— who strive for the absolute best, most perfect outcome— end up more stressed and less satisfied than "satisficers" who try their best, then settle for something good enough. No wedding, bride, or marriage is perfect. Keep that in mind when you find yourself maximizing!

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