7 Women Reveal How Marriage Changed Them For The Better

Women Reveal How Marriage Changed Them

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Marriage can teach us many things. According to these seven married women, it can help you become a more selfless person, find yourself on firmer financial ground, or even feel more confident. Read on to find out how marriage just might change you, too.

"I find myself often thinking of others now, when before it was just about me. I think about my husband's needs, wants, and desires constantly, which causes me to be more empathetic and I love it! Specifically, if I am picking up something to eat, I will often call him to make sure he has what he needs or whether I can get it for him. It gives an extra sense of purpose to my day." — Cassandra

"My husband is so good with finances and partly because we own a business together, we've often discussed finances in the last five years of being married. My husband has taught me so much about cutting spending, saving money, and having zero debt, minus my student loans. I have an excellent credit score now, zero credit card debt, no outstanding bills, and so much more. Feels amazing!" — Tasha

"Getting married allowed me to be confident in planning for the future. I was lucky to always have hope, but getting married to a wonderful, kind, thoughtful person who truly loves me made it OK to plan for the future and know that he would be by my side. For the first time, I could think of things such as where I'd want to go on a vacation or what holiday traditions would be a part of my adult life." — Chandra

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"Marriage has helped me better understand someone else's needs, desires, and fears. I was a professional entertainer before getting married. It's always been about me. After being married, I've learned that it's important to work as a team rather than working against each other." — Tiffany

"I lived with my spouse for a year and would have gladly not married. He was the marriage-minded partner. But shortly after we tied the knot, I noticed that something was different. Over time I've learned that the something is a partnership. I feel like I have someone on my team, something I certainly didn't feel with my parents or siblings." — Annemarie

"Getting married has made me less selfish. I have more than myself to think about now, and I have to realize that whatever I do also affects my husband. I used do something and think about the consequences afterward. I may still do what I want now, but I stop to think 'what if' more often." — Carol

"Getting married made me take the focus off myself and put it on others, first-and-foremost my husband. I always thought of myself as a considerate, giving woman, but once I married my husband I morphed into this selfless, co-dependent Mrs., a person willing to give him the last piece of cheesecake and forgoing buying that bag I'd been eyeing so that I could buy him a new suit for Christmas. Getting married helped me grow into a stronger, more loving woman who realizes daily it's not all about me, and I'm happier for it!" — Katie

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