6 Ways to Stay Extra-Safe On Your Honeymoon

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Honeymoon Safety Tips

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Your honeymoon should be a carefree week or more with your new spouse. And with these expert travel tips, sure to keep you and your belongings safe, it will be.

1. Carry local emergency contact information with you.
Having 911 on speed-dial won't help if you're traveling abroad for this big trip. So consider adding the phone numbers for the country's U.S. Embassy, local police stations, fire departments, medical centers, cab companies, and your hotel to your smartphone before you go, advises Aviva Samuels, destination wedding planner and owner of Kiss the Planner in Palm Beach, Florida. Not only that, but "write them down on paper as well, in case anything should happen to your cell phones," she advises.

2. Do not accept help from strangers.
After a long flight, it could be tempting to take any old way to your hotel, including hopping into an unidentified vehicle. "But try to have someone meet you at the airport or plan to take a cab or other transportation that is licensed, in a marked vehicle and with a driver who displays some sort of identification," says Daniel Arthur, president of Arthur & Associates Consulting. "Do not allow someone else to waive down a taxi or offer to give you a ride. Your money could get taken in a scam or even worse, you could get taken."

3. Keep your money separate.
Don't keep your cash in the same spot as your credit cards, traveler's checks, or any other form of payment, Samuels says. "In addition, be sure to keep different sums of money in different locations within your bags, wallet, or on your person," she advises. "By separating items and amounts of cash you will never be caught without anything at all, should something unfortunate occur. And of course, when leaving cash and credit cards behind at your hotel or guesthouse, be sure to use the hotel safe no matter how trustworthy the area, the venue, or its employees seem."

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4. Maintain situational awareness.
You don't have to go about your honeymoon in a state of constant paranoia. "But you should be aware of your surroundings and not be distracted," says Arthur. "This will help you avoid getting lost and you also won't look like a victim." On top of that, Arthur advises avoiding wearing flashy clothing and jewelry. "Try to blend in as best as possible," he says. "The last thing you want to do is find yourself in a bad area, looking down at your iPhone while wearing your expensive jewelry. That just screams, 'rob me.'"

5. Scan your important documents.
Even if you're staying stateside, "be sure to digitally scan all of your important documents as well as make hard copies of them," says Samuels. "Take one copied set of documents with you so that you will have the information at your fingertips and leave one set behind at home, just in case anything happens to the originals or the copies." Be extra safe, she says, by uploading your documents to the cloud, where "you will likely be able to access them wherever you are."

6. Stay on the third floor.
The best views may be from the penthouse, but if there's an emergency such as a fire, it can be difficult to escape to safety from a hotel's top floors, points out Arthur. "Most fire ladders won't reach above the seventh floor of a building," he says, "and in some countries, they extend even lower." At the same time, don't head for the first floor for ease of access. "Staying on the first or second floor can put you at risk of robbery since it's easier to access than higher floors," says Arthur.

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