8 Thoughts That Run Through Your Mind When You Get a Wedding Invite

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What Brides Think When They Get a Wedding Invite

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Congratulations! You've finally reached the age where getting wedding invitations in the mail is a normal thing (crazy, we know). As an engaged girl yourself though, you can totes relate. Here are 8 things that will most definitely cross your mind the next time you open up the mailbox to find a pretty envelope with fancy handwriting.

1. OMG, this is so exciting! Ahh!
Your good friend is getting married and seeing her save the date or invitation for the very first time makes it that much more real. You couldn't be more stoked for her, even if you have like a bajillion other weddings on the calendar to attend next year. It feels like you've been waiting for this moment just as long as she has.

2. Wait, how am I going to afford this?
Speaking of all those other weddings you have to go to, they're expensive! Some require travel and a couple you're a bridesmaid in...crap, the costs are starting to add up fast and you haven't even factored in bridal shower and wedding gifts yet.

3. Please, oh please don't let it be a destination wedding.
You'll probably go broke if it is! Okay, not actually, but it would be nice to have some personal time off work in the next year or two. You know, to take a vacation of your choice, not just jet set to where someone else has decided to say, "I do."

4. [Insert amazing destination], here we come!
Once the initial shock of having to shell out for another destination wedding has passed, you're all about it! After all, what could be finer than chilling out in paradise with all your best friends? This is going to be so fun!

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5. I wonder who else is invited?
You don't want to straight up ask, but then again you kind of do! Obviously, every wedding is better when a bunch of your peeps are also in attendance. Who's ready to get jiggy on the dance floor?

6. Shew! Thank goodness I have a guaranteed plus one.
He liked it so he put a ring on it, and now you officially have a date to all future weddings, including this one, because you're engaged and that's just good etiquette, right?

7. Ah, I have nothing to wear!
To buy a new dress or to not buy a new dress, that is the dilemma! While you could, of course, re-wear that gorgeous frock you rocked to your bestie's big day last year, it's so much more fun to wear something new, even if it is only rented. Plus, you already posted pictures in the other one so it kind of rules that gown out...dangit!

8. My wedding invitation was definitely better.
But like, this one is totally great too! The calligraphy is gorgeous and that engagement picture is super cute. They could have been a little bit more creative; it's so them though!

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