Real Brides Share: What I Did When I Got Sick the Morning of My Wedding

sick on morning of wedding

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Wedding-related nightmares aren't uncommon among brides-to-be — the unfortunate occurrence of waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat over fear of your wedding cake falling or you tripping down the aisle at your ceremony. But an actual rea-life nightmare? Getting sick on the morning of your wedding, for sure. Meet seven women who've lived through every bride's worst fantasies.

"I'd been feeling under the weather for a few days but put it down to the stresses of work and wedding prep. On the morning of the wedding I woke with a scratchy throat and no voice! I flew into a panic and threw every remedy I could find down my throat including chewing on raw garlic and ginger and showering in water hot enough to boil lobsters because I was not going to get sick on my wedding day! I turned up at my hair appointment looking like Rudolph and with tissues shoved up my sleeves and down my bra! By the time the wedding started at 4 PM you could have fried an egg on my forehead, and I was fielding lots of 'Oh, you're glowing. It must be the excitement' comments. I kept throwing more cold and flu meds down my throat. With 400 people at the wedding, I was afraid of causing an epidemic but after six years of waiting for this wedding to happen I wasn't going to call it off! I got through with a grin fixed in place by pseudoephedrines and aspirin. By the time the reception wound down at 1 AM I was no longer coherent but I loved everyone and wanted to tell each person so. Personally. To this day I don't know how many people I infected as I sneezed 'I luuuurve youuuu' at them... Bonus: I glowed in the photographs!" —Asha

"The day of the wedding I felt a UTI coming on. I instantly took some meds and it was gone within 45 minutes — literally five minutes before the ceremony began!" —Jill

"I had nausea and vomiting — not surprising since I was in my first trimester. I took Tylenol and drank ginger ale and was able to walk down the aisle. The photos turned out well and I was able to hang onto my husband as we danced to our song. Yes, I felt ill during the wedding but I'd married my dream guy. We are now expecting our second child and yes, I'm having morning sickness again." —Sheila

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"It was so hot I got heat stroke and fainted while the photographer was taking outdoor photos of the wedding party." —Susan

"Mimosas are my go-to beverage. My bridal party and I started in on them at 10 AM. I was relatively okay when the reception started at 6 PM, but an hour later it hit me. My stomach was in knots and it hurt to move. I told everyone my dress was too tight but it was the outrageous amount of Vitamin C I'd consumed! TMI: I seriously had to use the restroom. Obviously I wasn't going to the bathroom in my wedding dress so I was in misery for the next four hours. In between heinous cramps I did enjoy myself." —Karen

"I woke up on my wedding day throwing up, suffering from a headache, fever — the plagues! My mother rushed me to the ER and insisted the doctor see me immediately because it was my wedding day! It turned out to be the flu so the doctor gave me fluids through an IV, doped me up with painkillers and anti nausea meds and sent me off to get married. Truthfully my memories of the wedding are hazy. But we weren't going to cancel because deposits had been paid, people came from out of town, and I was able to physically if not mentally walk down the aisle." —Yolanda

"I came down with one of my massive sore throats as we were traveling from the salon to the venue where the wedding was going to take place — a two-hour trip with heavy traffic. I took two extra-strength pain reliever pills and prayed I'd make it through the evening. I did, thank God. But our expensive Caribbean honeymoon wasn't much fun. I constantly had Kleenex in my hand so in the majority of our honeymoon pictures my nose and the surrounding area are beet red from all the nose blowing." —Ellen

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