We Asked, You Told: Would You Consider Letting Your Husband Take Your Last Name?

Would You Consider Husband Taking Wife Last Name

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The question of the marital name change usually involves whether the bride wants to take on the husband's last name. However, with more couples keeping their respective last names or combining last names with a hyphen, the name game seems to be shifting less towards tradition and leaning more towards the couple's individual preferences. So we were curious — would you ever consider letting your spouse take on your last name? This question received a lot of attention on Facebook and Twitter. Over 100 people responded to our Twitter poll, with an overwhelming majority of 77% voting "No," and 33% voting "Yes." Although it seems that most couples are still sticking with the traditional view on the name change, it's never been a better time to discuss your options with your partner.

Itching to find out what other brides think about this particular name change switch? Read their responses below!

"I chose to hyphenate my name, but if the couple talks and that's what they want to do, I don't see how anyone else should tell them no. Its the couple's decision. Just like me having my name hyphenated when we marry was something that was discussed, mutually respected, and agreed upon by both my fiancé and myself. Not for me personally, but I have seen couples who have done that. More power to them!" — Nicole R.

"No. Wives always take the husband's last name. That's how it should stay." — Dawn H.

"I think if the idea is to have one family unit, that it is pretty cool to have both parties hyphenate both last names. My spouse is too much of a traditionalist to do this, but I think it's a sacrifice for both parties to go through so much paperwork, and I would hope they both appreciate it." — Melina V.

"No, he's a man, a woman always takes the husband's name." — Betty K.

"Heck yeah! I love hearing about when this happens, like Zoe Saldana and her husband." — Diana E.

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"We live in a time where we can think outside the box. In fact my husband and I are each adding each other's names to our own to be hyphenated Wagner-Totty. Because we love and respect each other and our backgrounds. I wanted to keep mine to honor my grandparents and I wanted to add his as well." — Meghan W.

"Why can't a man take his wife's name instead if that's what they want to do? You are still uniting with the same name." — Gina K.

"I fully agree with this! My partner's last name is difficult to spell, as well as having accents. It's just easier for everyone if he was to take mine. Than I take his. Get with modern times." — Stephanie P.

"I wouldn't care either way as long as we had the same last name. We are a family." — Nicki B.

"It's time that we get over any sort of expectation that anyone change their name. Do what you want, and don't tell anyone else what they should do because it is none of your business." — Jamie S.

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