'Instagram Husbands' Reveal What Life is Like Behind the Camera in Hilarious Parody PSA


If you've scrolled through your Instagram feed lately you've probably seen dozens of photos of friends, celebrities, your best friend's boyfriend's friend's new girlfriend (you know, the person you often stalk on Instagram but won't admit you stalk), posing with a soft smile in front of a gorgeous backdrop and asked yourself "who's taking these pictures?!" Thanks to the team at The Mystery Hour we now have our answer — husbands!

Check out the video above to see The Mystery Hour's (an Emmy winning comedy sketch show that has been running for five seasons) short faux-PSA video highlighting what life is really like for Instagram husbands. "Behind every cute girl on instagram is a guy like me and a brick wall," Jeff — the first instagram husband — says. And he's not alone. The video follows a few Instagram husbands as we see the trials and tribulations of getting that perfect picture that everyone wants to double-tap.

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"My job is to make her look good," one husband reveals during the video, and he's not alone. The other husbands weren't shy about revealing their struggle on camera, one recounts details of how he had to delete everything off of his phone to make room for pictures, another has to scale to the top of a fire escape to get the perfect angel, and one husband even likens himself to a human selfie stick! The faux-PSA had us actually laughing out loud, mostly because we totally relate. I mean who hasn't pleaded with their boyfriend, fiancé, and husband to "just take one more picture!"

So fear not Insta-hubbies of the world — you're not alone. The Mystery Hour created a support page where other husbands could share their story, tips on how to approach your wife, and what symptoms to look for.

We don't know what's funnier, The Mystery Hour's short video or the posts by Instagram-Hubbies reaching out for help. We pulled a few of the quotes that made us actually LOL: "She only speaks in emojis now, which is difficult, because my first language is human." "Yesterday she asked me if I would brighten the contrast in the room. After awhile I figured out that she just wanted the lights on." "I had to have carpal tunnel surgery on my photo hand. The doctor asked if I know what may have caused it. I told her, 'Amaro.'"

Now that we've seen what life is like for these guys, we'll probably think twice when making the men in our lives our Instagram photographers... maybe.

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