Pin-Worthy Wedding Ideas That Didn't Pan Out So Well in Real Life

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Pinterest Wedding Fails

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Oh Pinterest, how you love to trick us into thinking that we can literally do anything! You give us all the confidence in the world to put our chef hat on and try our hand at cake baking and convince us that we too can create our very own wedding invitations worthy of a magazine feature. Then you let us down, like, big time.

Because everyone loves a good Pinterest fail, we asked a bunch of brides to share their horror stories of wedding DIY projects gone wrong.

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes
"You know those cute little cupcakes that are baked in an ice cream cone? Well I decided to try them for my best friend's bridal shower. Great concept and all, but just no. The ice cream cone ended up getting hard as a rock, and the cupcakes just tasted stale. My attempt at tie-dye batter also turned into a brown and orange splotchy mess. Gross!" — Sarah

Watercolor Wedding Invitations
"I fell in love with the whole watercolor wedding trend and thought it'd be a brilliant idea to DIY my invitations since I knew I couldn't afford a custom design. How hard could it be, right? Uh, wrong! I tried a tutorial I found on Pinterest, and let's just say the end result looked more like a third grader's 'artwork' instead of something classy and elegant." — Lizzie

Gold Origami Paper Cranes
"I'm pretty crafty so I wasn't afraid to take on a bunch of DIY projects for the big day. Most of them turned out great, but OMG, not the paper cranes! Come to find out, gold foil origami paper is really, really hard to fold. It took me a couple hours just to get one that looked right so I said screw doing 100." — Jamie

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DIY Calligraphy
"After hours spent practicing and 'perfecting' my handwriting, I'd love to report back that I became a self-taught master calligrapher, but unfortunately that just wasn't the case. Don't get me wrong; the results weren't terrible. It just took me far too long to actually pen a single address and ain't nobody got time for that. Ultimately, I hired a professional, and boy was that a weight off my shoulders." — Cameran

Wax Paper Wall Hanging Ceremony Backdrop
"I got really ambitious and was determined to recreate this huge, amazing DIY wax paper wedding ceremony backdrop that looked so stunning on Pinterest. The instructions made it sound so easy, granted I realized I was in for a lot of work. Well, apparently I'm not very good with scissors or stringing things, however I was making a bit of progress and feeling pretty proud of myself. When I was about halfway done my dog decided it would be super fun to break into the guest bedroom while I was at work and rip the paper cones to shreds. Needless to say, that was the end of that project. I didn't have the energy or time to start over!" — Laurel

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