7 Ways to Extend Your Honeymoon Period

Ways to Extend Your Honeymoon Period

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The honeymoon period isn't just the one or two week vacation you take to celebrated your newlywed status — it's a period of time "during which you and your honey feel symbiotic and positively connected," says April Masini, relationship expert and advice columnist. It lasts anywhere from a few months to two years, then dissipates into routine. And while there's nothing wrong with easy-going contentment, we get you might want to recapture some of that warm-and-fuzzy passion. Here's how.

1. Try something new, together.
"Add newness to your relationship and marriage," says Terri Orbuch, Ph.D., relationship expert and author of 5 Simple Steps To Take Your Marriage From Good To Great. "Anything new or novel that you do with your partner will fuel the excitement and honeymoon period and aura."

2. Reminisce over your honeymoon period.
You can reconnect with the feelings you had during the honeymoon period by "going back to the source — your wedding venue or your honeymoon hotel," says Masini. Being in those spots together "can reignite those feelings."

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3. Send flirty texts — or sexts, if you're feeling frisky.
"Send flirty notes to your partner regularly telling them you're thinking of her or him," says Orbuch. "For example, an email or text message out of the blue could say, 'Here's just one reason I love you,' with the reason."

4. Listen to music, and dance.
"Music is a sensory stimulant, and it can evoke memories in a positive way," Masini explains. So "play the song that was the first dance from your wedding, or the song that was 'your song' when you were dating" to bring back the good time full-force.

5. Get away from it all.
"Try taking a mini-vacation, just the two of you," suggests Orbuch. "Your get away together should last at least one night and two days — and of course, it could last longer. It is important that you go somewhere that interests both of you, where you can create new memories and spend unpressured time together."

6. Have sex.
After the honeymoon period, sex can go by the wayside. "It's easy to get too busy, even as young, newly married couples, to have sex," says Masini, who suggests you "replenish your honeymoon lingerie wardrobe and get back to intimacy. Don't be afraid to schedule sex — spontaneous sex is not a measure of commitment!"

7. Print and frame your wedding photos.
"Chances are, you've got a mishmash of photos — from your photographer, your friends, in e-mails, all over the place." Says Masini. "And sorting, organizing and printing and framing them is a great way to recapture the feelings from your honeymoon. Give your honey a framed photo that captures the spirit of your honeymoon period — not the typical staged shot, but something fun and unexpected."

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