How Often Do You Watch Your Wedding Video?

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At first you were on the fence about hiring a videographer, then your married friends totally talked you into it, telling you you'd be nuts not to have one. "It's the best decision I ever made!" they all say, and you're all like, "Okay, let's get one!" But was it actually worth the extra splurge in the end? We turned to real women to find out. Here, brides shamelessly share how often they really watch their wedding video. The answers may (or may not!) surprise you.

"I've been married since July and since then I've watched my wedding video about once a month. I usually pop it out when I'm thinking about that day and want to re-live that moment." — Neoshi

"I probably watched it close to 50 times the week we got it back! We've only been married for a couple months so I'm sure I'll go on crazy binges again in the future." — Elisabeth

"I've watched mine only once and we've been married over two years. We'll probably watch it again on an anniversary in the future." — Becca

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"We had a traditional wedding video, but for fun, our videographer turned our wedding into...Star Wars! LOL. We like to watch it on our anniversary, however, given the silly nature of the video, it comes up in conversation at least a dozen times of year so it's still watched pretty often." — Meghan

"Our wedding video is hands down the best wedding investment we made. We watch it at least once a month. It especially comes in handy after we've had an argument, but sometimes we watch it just because!" — Kendra

"My husband and I are celebrating our one year anniversary this weekend, and we hired the very best videographer for our wedding last year because we knew just how important the video was going to be. The first day we received it, we watched it maybe 20 times. Now I watch it a minimum of once per week! I also look at my photos daily. My friends and family think I'm insane because our entire apartment is covered in wedding photos." — Amanda B.

"I look at both my video and photos equally and every once in a while. At first I watched our wedding video constantly and couldn't get enough! We have raw footage that is hours long. We initially had invited family over to watch it a few times and after a while I would want to watch it again and my in-laws grew sick of watching it and expressed that." — Amanda G.

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"I watch mine all the freaking time, especially the highlight video! Whenever my husband makes me mad, it makes me feel better, haha!" — Caty

"I was obsessed with our photos when we got them, but once we received our video I couldn't stop watching it. I probably watched it 100 times. It brings me back to that moment more that the photos do. It's like falling in love all over again anytime I see it." — Paola

"I hired a videographer for my wedding and I watch my wedding video at least once a month. I feel like the video allows me to feel more of the emotion I felt on my wedding day than the pictures do." — Tiffany

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