The Crazy Thing That Happened As We Said Our Vows

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The most special part of the wedding ceremony is saying your vows. Only sometimes things don't go as planned. Here, real brides share the crazy things that happened to them the moment they said "I do."

"When our rabbi got to the end of the ceremony and asked us to say our "I do's", he said the best man's name instead of my husband's! 'Do you [insert best man's name] take Pola?' It was pretty wacky, but we got a good laugh out of it and it made for a great piece in our wedding video." —Pola

"As my husband finished saying his vows, I kissed him. It was abrupt and unplanned. I couldn't help it. I know it breaks tradition, but everyone went into a fit of laughter." —Allison

"My husband and I were married at a lakefront venue in Tahoe. During the ring exchange, I accidentally put my betrothed's ring on the wrong hand.There was an eruption of laughter, which I assumed was due to the ring/wrong hand snafu. But it turned out we had a severely intoxicated groomsman saying things like, 'When is this thing over?' He was also turning his back to all the wedding guests and staring out at the lake. My dad's friend later told me it looked like the groomsman was going to relieve himself on the lawn! I was oblivious anything was wrong until I saw him take off running towards the river across the street after we were pronounced man and wife. Forget walking back down the aisle — he went for a dip!" —Jennifer

"We just celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary. Neither of us will ever forget that terrible moment my soon-to-be husband split the entire back of his pants. Yes, I ended up kneeling down in the photos to proclaim my love for him." —Terry

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"The crazy thing that happened when my husband and I said our vows is that... we didn't! We were leaving the church, so excited to have just gotten married, took some photos and in the car on the way back to the hotel, we realized that the priest totally missed the part where we were to say the vows we had written to each other! Part of us was bummed we hadn't gotten to do something that meant a lot and we had worked on, but the other part of us thought it was hilarious that we were so in the moment we didn't even notice. We had practiced in the hotel room the morning of the ceremony, so now it's our own special memory — saying our vows to each other by ourselves before we were officially married. —Nina

"In the middle of saying our vows my husband got so nervous he started to sweat profusely. Think Albert Brooks in that scene from Broadcast News. He literally had perspiration pouring down his face and arms, and it started to soak through the sleeves of his linen suit jacket. I had tucked a Kleenex into the bodice of my dress in case I teared up, so I whipped it out and handed it to him to wipe his face. It ended up being really funny, and added some much needed levity to the whole event. After everyone laughed, his nerves calmed, he stopped sweating, and we ended up having the most wonderful, joyous time as we completed our vows." —Anna

"My wedding was at a lighthouse in North Carolina. A beautiful, sunny day quickly turned cloudy with drops of rain. We thought there was enough time to finish the 20 minute outdoor ceremony and get everyone in to the reception before bad weather. Thunder started rolling in and we cut a few items from the ceremony, but were determined to get through it. JUST as the pastor proclaims us man and wife, there was the BIGGEST CLAP of thunder we'd ever heard, followed by booms! We kissed and the skies opened!" —Kelly

"Our wedding was on a beach in Zihuatanejo, Mexico with 78 friends and relatives. Back home, as we looked through the pictures our loved ones had taken, we noticed an interesting uninvited guest just behind us as we said our vows. A man in a speedo was watching and taking pictures of us as all the guests took pictures of him! We have about six photo angles of him watching our wedding. We are planning on returning with some of the guests on our anniversary and of course they are asking if Speedo Guy will be there too!" —Theresa

Sherry Amatenstein is a New York City-based marriage therapist and author.

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