White Lies (Most) Brides Tell During Wedding Planning

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As a general rule, lying is bad, no-good business. It's not something we encourage. But when it comes to wedding planning, we'd be lying if we didn't admit most brides-to-be drop a white one or two. Call it stress, call it conflict-aversion — call it what you will, but chances are you'll be mimicking these little white lies, confessed by real brides, soon enough.

I'm totally calm, cool and collected.
Says recent bride Kelly, "I constantly said, 'I don't know why people get so stressed about planning weddings — this is easy!' Why? The first question a bride gets asked throughout the wedding planning process by friends and family alike is, 'How stressed are you?' or 'Are you freaking out yet?' to which I promptly replied with my little white lie, when inside I was screaming, 'I'm nervous! What if I don't get my vows written in time? What if my centerpieces aren't done? What if I hate my archway? What if I faint at the altar?' Maybe my white lie helped me ease a bit of the stress — at least on the outside!"

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I'm dropping pounds like they're hot.
As Neoshi planned her wedding, she felt compelled to tell people she was also working out. "With only three weeks to plan my wedding, my future mother-in-law was concerned that I had gained too much weight and would look like a whale in my dress," she recalls. "Every time she saw me she would say, 'Are you working out yet? You know you have to look great in your dress.' And I would respond with, 'Oh yeah! I'm down five pounds so far. Can't you tell?' The truth: I under so much stress that I was eating recklessly and actually gained a 10 pounds. But I didn't care because I was finally marrying the love of my life."

I love wedding planning.
Says newlywed Katie, "I loved my fiancé, my dress, my friends and family who helped me through it all. But I did not love wedding planning. It was stressful, time-consuming, and nerve-wracking, constantly making decisions and orchestrating such a huge event. But whenever people asked how it was going, I was all, 'Wedding planning is so much fun! I wish I could do this all the time!' I felt like if I told people how I really felt about the planning, they might misinterpret those feelings as a larger statement on my relationship."

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