Here's What Your Single Friends Really Think Now That You're Married

Falling in Love

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Your friends wished you well when you wed the love of your life. But in the months since you tied the knot, what do they really think of your newlywed status? For the answer, we turned to a few single gals and asked them to honestly share what they think of their married friends now.

"I have a decent amount of married friends, and what I've found is that they've calmed down in life. They tend to turn their social lives around in a sense that they're not out late getting drunk all the time, but they're more interested in a dinner and wine sort of night. When I talk with them on the phone, they never sound stressed, compared to what a single person would be like — stressing over a love interest all the time. I look up to all my married friends and have an indelible amount of respect for them. They are incredibly mature, calm, and really see the bigger pictures in life." — Brittany

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"I think they've forgotten how to be their own person. Some of my friends won't even consider going out at night if their husbands are home, and that makes me a little sick. You're allowed to have your own lives, for crying out loud!" — Amber

"My best friend was, um, slightly self-involved before she got married. I suppose to some extent most single people are, and that's OK. But something about being married really brought out a selfless side of her. While I don't dig missing out on our Saturday night single-girl escapades, it's really great to see her shining as a supportive wife who, instead of whining about football season, makes snacks and invites everyone over for the game so that she can make her husband feel good." — Katie

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