Little Ways to Improve Your Marriage Today

Little Ways to Improve Your Marriage

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Marriage is a work in progress, and just like your career, if you slack off and don't put in the time to nurture it, you're not going to get great results. The honeymoon phase may be over, but there are a few things you can do on a daily, or even weekly, basis to keep the spark alive and the love flowing between you. The best part is, none of them require some grand effort on your part.

Show him that you respect him
According to love coach Heather Allison, men feel loved when they feel respected. Thus, the smallest thing you can do daily that will have the biggest impact and can even save a marriage that's falling apart is to literally show him that you respect him. For example, "Tell him you admire him for his intellect, handiwork, abilities at the office, physical prowess, the way he takes care of the dog or whatever it may be," she recommends. The catch is, you have to actually mean it! "Men are much more sensitive and intuitive than we give them credit for, and he will pick up on your authenticity or lack thereof."

Leave him a love letter
Or ten! They don't have to be novel length, in fact, short and sweet is better, says love expert and author April Masini. "Write a sentence or two about how awesome he is in general or refer back to a specific, recent experience," she advises. Then tuck it in his wallet or hide several little love notes around the house in places he's sure to discover them. "It's the perfect way to let him know he's appreciated, and it's also very romantic."

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Buy him a gift just because
If the only time you ever get him a gift is on holidays or his birthday, Masini urges you to shop for him spontaneously. "Buy him something just because you were out and about and saw a book and thought of him or realized how much he loves grapefruits and on a whim decided to send a fruit basket to his office." Beyond telling him, this physically shows him he's important and treasured.

Say yes to the one thing you always say no to
Really, how bad can it be? For instance, if he digs action flicks and you never want to watch them, agree to a date night and let him pick the movie without any whining. "Do it gracefully and generously, as you may not realize how many mini-vetos you exercise in a week," points out Masini. "This is a great way to turn them around." Not to mention, he'll likely return the favor in the very near future.

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