13 Things Your Significant Other Is Thinking During the Proposal

Things Your Significant Other Thinks During The Proposal

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Popping the question to an unsuspecting significant other is an incredibly nerve wracking experience, even for the most confident beau. While the emotions of the proposal recipient are romantic and joyful, that of the proposal initiator is a range of anxiety and trepidation, most often followed by euphoria at the moment when the word "Yes" is finally uttered. If you've ever wondered about the myriad of thoughts spinning through your loved one's head at the moment of the proposal, read on for the most prominent of the crop.

1. "Did I remember the ring? I could have sworn it was in my coat pocket."

2. "Will she even like the ring? I may be imagining things, but I recall it being much larger in the store..."

3. "The ring is all wrong. She's going to say no. Would she notice if I just postponed the proposal to find a better one?"

4. "Forget the ring. If I don't propose now, I'm going to lose my nerve."

5. "Why didn't I write my speech on notecards? I'm forgetting everything I meant to say and babbling incoherently. I hope she finds my butterflies endearing."

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6. "The odds of a hard 'No' are low, right? Wow, waiting for her response is feels never-ending. I haven't been this nervous since, well, I first asked her out."

7. "If she says yes, we'll be engaged to be married. Does this mean I'm becoming a mature adult?"

8. "I hope she feels the same way I do about her."

9. "Are those tears of happiness or horror?"

10. "Have we amassed a small audience? There are more witnesses here than I anticipated. I hope someone brought their camera."

11. "She could not look more beautiful. Did I remember to mention that in my speech? Maybe I should drop the comment in for good measure...just in case."

12. "I finally understand what Stevie Wonder is singing about. Man, do I wish he could have written my proposal for me."

13. "She said yes. Hallelujah."

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