"My Worst Bridezilla Moment!" Real Brides Share The Times When They Almost Lost It

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You are a kind, considerate soul who always wants to do right by people -- no way you'll ever turn into a bridezilla. But beware, despite your best intentions, the stress of wedding planning can lead to some pretty monstrous moments, like what these real brides went through themselves.

"Looking back, I am so ashamed. I actually asked my bridesmaids to dye their hair brunette so I could be the only blonde. How lucky I am that they're still my friends?!" —Pamela

"As the priest was marrying us, my about-to-be husband's cell phone went off and I reamed him right in front of our guests. But this one felt justified — you have your iPhone in your pocket at the altar — c'mon!" —Jill

"I insisted my parents spend way more than they could afford on my ceremony and reception. It was a gorgeous day but my mom and dad are now in debt so I'm helping them out!" —Barb

"This is awful, awful, awful. My fiancé's sister spilled something on my dress during the rehearsal dinner and I responded by dumping a glass of water over her head. I instantly apologized, saying that the accident awakened my fears of my wedding dress being ruined. But still..." —Angie

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"I blanked on this but apparently, four weeks before my wedding 10 years ago, I asked my mom to lose 30 pounds so she could fit into the gown I wanted her to wear. Then I threw a hissy fit when mom said that was impossible and she'd wear something she fit into walking down the aisle. Then — and again I have blanked — I told her if she didn't lose the weight she would be uninvited. Thankfully she ignored me, didn't lose weight, wore what felt comfortable, and the wedding was lovely." —Deena

"Hey, isn't being a b**** allowed when you're the bride? I had a few, uh, breakdowns. The worst was when my mother-in-law far exceeded her guest list limit, wanting to invite third cousins, co-workers, and her neighbors. I freaked out and reminded her in not a nice way that since my parents were paying for everything, their decisions ruled. She looked so crushed that for a moment I felt terrible, but only a moment. I swept out of the room like a grand dame!" —Evie

"I work in the wedding industry so thought I was immune to the Bridezilla disease. But the morning of the wedding I was so stressed about all the things that could go wrong that I snapped and yelled at the flower girl because she was crying from nerves!" —Anne

"I actually uttered the phrase, 'I don't really care. This is my wedding day. Let's talk about me!' to someone who was telling me about her life during my reception." —Sheila

Sherry Amatenstein is a New York City-based marriage therapist and author.

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