5 Reasons Sisters Make the Best Maids of Honor

Why Sister Make the Best Maid of Honor

Photo: Hayley Bray

There is no one better than your maid of honor. Who else will fluff your gown, reapply your lip gloss, and hold up your tulle while you straddle the porcelain throne? Who else will wholeheartedly agree to wear your (somewhat questionable) customized bachelorette t-shirts on the Las Vegas strip? Or artistically arrange your bridal shower gift wrap ribbons into the ugliest rehearsal bouquet the world's ever seen?

To speak in bumper sticker language: maids of honor rule.

And while best friends undoubtedly make wonderful MOH's, there is one breed of MOH that stands above the rest: sisters. Here are five reasons that sister of yours will make the best maid of honor ever.

1. She has a lifetime of inspiration to draw from during her MOH speech
No one has seen it all like your sister has. Yes, that includes the middle school summer you turned your hair orange with Sun In. And that oh-so-unfortunate grunge phase. Oh, and the time you came back from studying abroad and refused to speak anything but (horrible) French. She's seen every last phase, and those anecdotes will make for one seriously hilarious and heartfelt maid of honor speech.

2. She never dilutes the truth
It's a double edged sword, but a blessing in the long run — no one will give you a more honest opinion than your sister. Whether the cake is soggy, the bridesmaids' dresses are dumpy, or your spray tan looks splotchy, your sister will be there to let you know — and help you solve any issues as quickly as possible.

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3. She can handle your parents
Whether they're stressing about wedding arrangements, or having a hard time coming to terms with you entering the next phase of life, parents of the bride can be high maintenance. Luckily, there's no one to better handle them than your sister who knows exactly how Mom takes her cocktail.

4. She can anticipate your needs
Siblings know how to annoy each other like no one else. While this might seem like a negative, this talent will also help your sister get rid of anything that might annoy you — no matter how obscure — on your big day.

5. She represents your family's love and support
We're about to sound very Hallmark here, but that sister standing next to you on your wedding day represents a lot. She is a symbol of the support system that raised you and guided you through life. She is a symbol of the people that have loved you truer than anyone else. She is a symbol of the family that will now happily accept your husband into their lives. She is part of you in a way that only sisters can understand. And she better fluff that train of yours with fervor after what she's put you through all these years.

So cheers to your sister — the amazing, sometimes annoying, absolutely irreplaceable human by your side.

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