Guests Reveal Their Biggest Wedding Pet Peeves

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A happy wife makes a happy life, and happy wedding guests will most certainly contribute to the overall success of your big day! While you don't have to completely bend over backwards to please your family and friends (it is your day, after all), do keep in mind that a few kind gestures and a little bit of foresight will go a long way in easing the stress load on everyone. We asked real guests to share their biggest pet peeves to help avoid making future mistakes. Take note, brides.

Being unclear about the dress code
"My biggest pet peeve is when the dress code isn't included anywhere on a couple's wedding invitation or website. You don't want to call the bride and bother her, but you also don't want to stick out at the event by being either overdressed or underdressed. As a result, I always end up overpacking, looking overdressed and having outfit regrets later." — Jordan

Choosing a really remote location
"Trust me, your guests excitement for your destination will rapidly diminish when they need to take multiple flights, a ferry and a cab to just to get there. Pick something within an hour of an international airport so it's less of a hassle." — Tracie

Planning a holiday wedding
"My biggest wedding pet peeve is when people schedule their wedding on a holiday, like the 4th of July or New Years. I'm guessing they must think they are doing you a favor by saving your vacation days. It's pretty selfish to think I want to spend my entire holiday at events for your wedding! I would much prefer to take one vacation day for your wedding and have it any other weekend." — Justine

Having to buy an engagement gift
"I'm annoyed by engagement parties that require I buy an engagement gift. Then I also have to give a wedding gift. I feel that the invitation to the engagement party is really just a bill for a gift." — Sandy

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Not offering a plus one for a destination wedding
"As a single woman, I've been invited to quite a few weddings out of state, and my pet peeve is that the invite is for one with no date. The last wedding for a cousin I called and voiced my disappointment. I have to pay for the room nights myself, whereas if I had a date he could at least help split the costs. It's not fun to fly alone, attend breakfast and dinner solo and then show up at the wedding where everyone else is either engaged or married either." — Toni

Picking only pricey hotels or none at all
"Expensive hotel options are bad, but no hotel options are even worse! Make sure you've got a few recommendations for where your guests should stay." — Julie

Going the standard dinner route
"Whenever I see the same two choices, chicken or fish, on the RSVP card it lets me know to expect a forgetful wedding and to pack snacks in my purse." — Lauren

Failing to disclose ingredients at buffet stations
"My biggest pet peeve is when brides and grooms don't offer appropriate food for their guests. For example, no kid-friendly selections or vegetarian options. I also don't like it when buffets are offered and the dish's ingredients aren't clearly labeled. Dishes that are vegetarian, gluten free or free of nuts should be identified for guests." — Brenna

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