Here Are the Qualities Women Really Want in a Spouse

Qualities Women Really Want in a Spouse

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The perfect husband has a multitude of winning qualities: He's surely faithful and committed, with a great sense of humor and wowing moves in bed. But that's our ideal man. For the real deal, we turned to readers to find out what they think are the most important qualities for a husband to have.

He's supportive.
"I was laid off a few months ago, and it was a really low point for me," says one married woman. "Without my husband's support, I don't know how I would have pulled through. Every day he told me how awesome I was in my profession and how he knew I'd find work soon. It gave me the motivation I needed to put myself out there and find another, better job."

"My friends and I definitely believe your spouse should be your biggest cheerleader," says another woman. "I mean, can you imagine being married to someone who didn't support your dreams and goals? Isn't a huge part of being married — having someone there to push you, to tell you that you can do it? That's what I want most."

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He's dependable.
"If he says he's going to pick up the lemon I need for dinner on his way home from work, I need him to actually do that," says one woman. "I know that sounds petty and small, but if you can't count on your husband to come through on the little stuff, how can you can't on him for the stuff that actually matters?"

He compromises.
"When my husband and I moved in together, he had this awful band poster I couldn't stand," recalls one wife. "I was preparing my speech about why it could not go up in our living room when he came to me and offered to put it in the hallway, in the bedroom, wherever it would be least offensive to me. That he was willing to make that compromise for me, without me even having to ask, is the perfect example of how he is as a husband overall."

"I don't want to have to bicker over every little thing. I want us to be able to come to the table, talk things over, and come up with something that works for both of us," says another wife. "If my husband couldn't do that — if he had to be right all the time or couldn't give in a little to make me happy — I couldn't be with him."

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