How Much Do You Know About Your Husband's Finances?


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Let's talk dollars and sense (like our pun?). Because we know talking openly about our finances is a key component to a healthy marriage, it would seem many of us are doing just the opposite, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense. According to a recent survey by Fidelity, 43 percent of wives don't even know their husbands' salaries. So we asked five women just how much they know about their main man's finances to see if they're following a (bad!) national trend.

"I've never been good with money, so when we got married, I turned over pretty much everything to my husband," says one woman. "He pays the bills, he keeps track of our bank balances. Basically, if I have a question, I just ask him — I don't go looking for the answer myself. So, on a day-to-day basis, I know almost nothing about our finances, let alone his. People think I'm crazy, but money stresses me out — so why not let him handle it?"

"My husband and I have a joint account and separate accounts," explains another woman. "We pay our bills from the joint account, then are free to do whatever we want with the money in our separate accounts. I don't keep track of how he uses that account, or what he puts in it. I only know what's in our joint account and, of course, mine. But he's the kind of guy who has to have the latest tech everything, so I've got to assume he's got a decent chunk of change in there!"

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"I don't get women who don't know what their husbands make or spend," says another. "I manage our budget, so I know every penny that comes in and out — and that's just how I like it!"

"We have a joint checking account and joint savings account, so I can see what my husband spends and what his paychecks are and so forth," says one married woman. "Before we got married, we definitely had a discussion about what our expectations were with how we would spend our money, and we continue to have discussions when one of us has a savings goal or wants to buy something big."

"My husband brought a significant amount of debt into our marriage, because he had school loans," says another. "So I know a lot about his financial situation. We're working together to pay down those loans so that we can start saving for a house!"

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