The Downsides of Shopping for an Engagement Ring Together

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Should You Shop for an Engagement Ring Together

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Things are getting more and more serious, and you've begun to discuss the next step in your relationship;: getting engaged, wahoo! He hasn't specifically mentioned anything about a ring yet, but could this be your cue to clue him into whether or not you'd like to be involved in the decision? Before you make up your own mind, consider these cons of shopping for an engagement ring together.

The surprise factor is gone
And the struggle is real! You either hope and pray he totally nails it with a little help from your BFF or decide you'd rather have a say and go with him yourself. There are pros and cons to both, obviously, and most women make it clear to their men early on which route they'd prefer. For those on the fence though, know that it will spoil the surprise factor quite a bit and it isn't traditional, if that's something that's important to you or him.

You're forced to talk money
Because things could get awkward real quick if you're trying on a ton of rings that are triple his budget and don't even know it, meanwhile he's silently cringing inside. Eek! The couple that shops for engagement rings together also has to talk money together. While being open and honest about finances is wonderful (in fact, we encourage it), it isn't exactly sexy or remotely romantic when you're picking out a piece of jewelry with such weighted meaning already that he's picking up the bill for. And this is supposed to be romantic, isn't it?

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It may set you up for disappointment
What if he doesn't buy you the rock you fell head over heels for? Will you still love it just as much or secretly, or perhaps not so secretly, be disappointed? Will the more affordable version of your favorite ring (your ring) suddenly pale in comparison to the real thing? These are the questions every engaged girl should really ask herself before booking a joint appointment with a jeweler.

It could cause resentment in the relationship
Now you know he's prepared to propose, it's just a matter of when? Playing the waiting game is never fun, and in this case, going ring shopping together can make matters even worse. Will he pop the question in a couple days? Weeks? Months? You can literally drive yourself crazy wondering. Of course, you don't want to put the pressure on him, but at the same time, it's like come on already and put a ring on it! If he waits too long, the resentment could slowly start to build.

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