Can You Ever Tell Your Husband He's Gained Weight?

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Can You Tell Your Husband He Gained Weight

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So, your husband's packed on a few extra pounds since you said "I do." And because you know his weight can affect his overall health — studies show packing on pounds can have a negative impact on everything from your guy's heart to his sperm count — you're concerned. Even still, should you ever hint to him that it's time to hit the gym?

"As with anything, context is crucial," explains relationship expert April Masini. "First, know your audience. And if your husband is sensitive, or has a history of weight issues, you'll want to approach his weight gain in a different way than if he's always been thin and this weight gain is new."

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Come to the conversation prepared with a solution. Otherwise, "if you simply point out that he's gained weight, you're reporting news he probably already knows," Masini says. "You might want to broach a healthier food system in your home — such as suggesting the two of you take a vegetarian cooking class together, or join a salsa dancing class together — because that is going to put a positive spin on reducing weight without making anyone feel fat."

Timing is also key. Masini suggests avoiding this conversation when your husband is undressing or eating, when he's likely to feel vulnerable or picked on. "You want the suggestion to be well received, so keep it out of the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen," she says.

Finally, while it's tempting to ignore your husband's weight gain to avoid an uncomfortable talk or hurting his feelings, that's actually not in your guy's best interest. "The longer you wait to deal with a problem, the bigger the more challenging the solution," Masini says. "Dealing with a 10 or 15 pound weight gain is easier than dealing with a 30 or 40 pound weight gain."

Just remember to be kind and gentle. After all, what if the tables were turned and he told you that you gained a few pounds since the big day?

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