The 9 Emotions Every Bride Feels When She Thinks About His Bachelor Party

The Hangover

Photo: Warner Bros/Courtesy of Neal Peters Collection

Let's be honest: Many women might willingly trade their own bachelorette parties if it meant sparing themselves the horror of imagining just what's happening during their fiancés' bachelor parties. The good news is, what we envision is way worse than what actually happens. (Don't believe us? Get the unfiltered scoop on what really happens here.)

But we get letting your imagination run wild. So if you're picturing your fiancé's big night out now, here's what is likely running through your mind...

1. I have a totally responsible fiancé whose idea of fun is not replicating The Hangover step-by-drunken-step. I've got nothing to worry about.

2. But there will be shots. A lot of shots. And nothing good happens after midnight or tequila.

3. Can I call the bar and ask the bartender to cut him off at five drinks? That seems totally reasonable and not at all controlling.

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4. Oh great! They've added a strip club to the night's line up. If I see him with a wad of $1 bills, I might have to steal his wallet.

5. Thanks, friend, for sharing your thoughts on what they'll likely do. It hadn't occurred to me that his face could soon be squarely between two perfectly perky D-cups.

6. Forget him drinking — now I need a drink!

7. Even if he doesn't fall face-first into a stripper, what if his friends goad him into a ridiculous dare that ends up going viral on YouTube? Then, I'll always be known as Mrs. Married the Guy Who Karaoked to Britney Spears And Cried.

8. He loves me, and that's all that matters. That's my mantra, and I'm sticking to it.

9. Plus, there's always the bachelorette party. Here we come, Vegas!

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